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Informative card game to learn about 3D printing and its different technologies.

A big meteor shower is approaching the International Space Station at full speed, threatening to wipe out the station and its entire crew. You must escape, but... the escape pods are not ready yet! It is necessary to complete the preparations and to keep the whole crew safe. Hurry up, to the 3D printers! Maybe this is not what you had planned to do today, but perhaps you will become the heroes who save the situation.

Video 1: 3D Printing Mission, A Scape Oddissey

The first 3D printing game... in the whole universe!

3D PRINTING MISSION is a simple 54-card game for between 2 and 4 players. The objective of the game is to be the first to get the necessary parts to rescue the members of the International Space Station from the great meteor shower that is inexorably approaching.

3D Printing Mission

Image 1: 3D Printing Mission includes 4 cards of  3D printers and 50 cards of materials and designs.

The game contains 54 cards, including 4 3D printer cards of 4 different 3D printing technologies (filament, resin, plastic powder and metal). Each of these cards has a basic 3D printer on one side and an advanced 3D printer on the other side which, due to its characteristics, will allow you to print designs that would be very difficult or directly impossible on basic 3D printers. The other 50 charts show on one side different designs of parts needed to repair the escape modules of the ship in order to escape before the meteor shower arrives at the station and, on the other side, different materials and accessories that will be used to print the designs on the appropriate 3D printer. In addition, these cards have different effects or actions that will make the game more dynamic and fun.

Video 2: Game instructions.

The game includes a manual detailing the game instructions, which you can also download from the download section in different languages.

Learning about 3D printing

The game is designed for people over 12 years of age, with no prior knowledge of 3D printing. The game will allow users who want to approach 3D printing for the first time, or who are taking their first steps in this world, to learn about the different technologies, materials and applications of 3D printing. But even the most expert users will find interesting aspects in the details of the cards: why a certain design is more suitable for a technology or which new materials are already a reality in other technologies with which they may not have worked so much.

Beyond the game, the cards themselves contain interesting information about all the materials and accessories (indicating what they are used for and their most outstanding characteristics), the designs (explaining which technologies would be most suitable for printing) and the 3D printers (detailing the different 3D printing technologies, as well as the characteristics that can be found in an advanced or professional 3D printer with respect to a more basic one or desktop).

3D Printing Mission · A Scape Odissey

Image 2: 3D Printing Mission, A Scape Odissey, a game to have fun and learn about 3D printing

A game that will be enjoyed by anyone interested in 3D printing, both for fun and for learning.

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