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    Art Glow Resin - HARZ Labs

    HARZ Labs

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    Ideal for printing decorative objects that glow in the dark in all kinds of LCD or DLP resin 3D printers.

    HARZ Labs is a resin manufacturer with extensive experience in chemical products, especially polymers, which develops and produces high-quality materials for all kinds of resin 3D printer technologies (DLP / LCD, SLA, CJP and others).

    Glowing in the dark

    Art Glow resin is designed for printing decorative products. The most representative and differentiating feature of this polymer is the use of a special pigment with phosphorescent properties.

    Image 1: Objects 3D printed with Art Glow resin. Font: Harz Labs.

    Phosphorescence is a phenomenon by which certain substances absorb energy and store it; emitting it later in the form of radiation. In this case, the pieces printed with the Art Glow resin emit a luminous green glow in the dark for approximately 2 hours, after having placed them under a spotlight previously.

    Image 2: Phosphorescence objct 3D printed with Art Glow resin. Font: Harz Labs.

    Low density

    Among the properties of this resin, it's worth noting its relatively low density, which provides great precision for short printing times, as well as facilitating the time spent cleaning the printer. A rare advantage is its great stability, since the resin can be left in the tank for long periods of time without sedimentation or gelatinous areas.

    Odorless and safe

    Unlike other universal resins on the market, Art Glow resin is odorless and irritation-free, so it can be used in any space that has natural ventilation, without the need for forced ventilation. This is because this resin does not contain volatile components such as solvents, monomers, or other types of irritating compounds. Thanks to these characteristics, the Art Glow resin is ideal to be used in schools, universities or at home by users who are beginning to use a resin 3D printer.

    Low contraction

    Thanks to its low shrinkage (less than 0.5 %), when a design file is generated and subsequently 3D printed with Art Glow resin, there are no appreciable differences in proportions: the printed part will be practically the same size as in digital 3D design.

    It should also be noted its high hardness, but this is not all. The biggest advantage of all is that this resin is valid for all types of 3D printer models that work with LCD or DLP technology, facilitating users to find new alternatives to print any type of part in any type of resin 3D printer that use those types of technologies: UniZ, Wanhao, Zortrax, Anycubic, Asiga, B9 Creator, Flash Forge Moon Ray or Prusa 3D.

    Surface hardness 9
    Hide color variations (Hide color variations)
    1. Once printing is finished, the part must be removed from the manufacturing platform with the metal spatula, taking some precaution not to damage the surface of the platform.
    2. For the ultrasonic bath of the piece, it's not recommended to use IPA alcohol, since this product could interfere with the phosphorescent properties of the resin, causing the brightness to decrease in the dark of the piece. Instead of using this product, it's recommended to use other resin cleaning products such as AprintaPRO.
    3. Next, pressurized air must be applied to the piece until it's completely dry. To achieve the maximum properties that HARZ Labs Art Glow Resin can provide, it's necessary to cure the resin for 15 - 30 minutes at a temperature of 40 - 60 ºC (eliminate internal stresses) in a curing center (Form Cure) that has a length of 405 nm wave.

    Before removing the parts from the manufacturing base, the user must be equipped with a series of safety measures. The use of gloves is recommended to prevent the resin and alcohol from coming into contact with the skin, the use of safety glasses is also crucial for the drops that may originate during the washing of the pieces.

    It's recommended to store the resin in a cool, dry place and away from direct sunlight.

    General information
    Manufacturer HARZ Labs (Russia)
    Technology LCD / DLP
    Material Photopolymer
    Wavelength UV 405 nm
    Format 1 kg
    Color Light yellow
    Compatible 3D printers UniZ, WANHAO, zortrax, ANYCUBIC, ASIGA, B9 Creator, FLASH FORGE Moon Ray, PRUSA.
    Print settings
    Layer height 100-50-25 μm
    Exposure Time Consult the printing values recommended by the manufacturers in the following link.
    Off time
    Lifting height
    Bottom exposure
    Bottom layers
    Curing and washing properties
    Washing time 5 - 15 min 
    Curing time Recommended: 15 - 30 min
    Total cure: 60 min
    Curing temperature 40 - 60 ºC
    Mechanical properties
    Izod impact strength -
    Charpy impact strength -
    Elongation at break -
    Tensile strength -
    Tensile Modulus -
    Flexural strength -
    Flexural modulus -
    Surface hardness 90 - 92 Shore D
    Thermal properties
    Softening temperature -
    Luminescence Up to 2 hours
    Additional Information
    Lifetime (since manufacturing) 24 months
    HS Code 2916.1

    * The typical values detailed in this table should be considered as a reference. Actual values may vary depending on the 3D printer model used, part design and printing conditions. We recommend confirming the results and final properties with own tests. For more information you should consult the technical data sheet of the product.


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