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Temperature sensors that vary the resistance depending on the temperature at which they are exposed.

Thermistors are temperature sensors that vary the resistance of the semiconductor element as a function of the temperature to which they are exposed. The thermistors NTC 100K, when increasing the temperature reduces its resistance due to the increase in the concentration of carrier ions.

NTC 100K thermistors are used by the vast majority of FFF/FDM 3D printers on the market to measure both the extrusion temperature and the hot base. The typical symptoms of the thermistor failure is an irregular and not real reading of the temperature, even of the ambient temperature before starting printing. To know if a NTC 100K thermistor is really damaged, we must check that its resistance is correct (100K at room temperature) and that it decreases its resistance when the temperature increases.

If you need to replace the heater block temperature sensor it is recommended to use a cartridge thermistor.

Great care must be taken when handling the NTC 100K thermistor so as not to break its internal electrical resistance.

Resistance 100 KOhm
Precision ±1%
Glass packing 2 mm (±0.02 mm)
Length 32 mm (±5 mm)
 Temperature range -50 to 260ºC
HS Code 8477.9

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