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Increase printing temperature to 400°C with a much more accurate reading for all HotEnd v6 de E3D.

In continuation of the evolution of the products related to the parts that are part of the extruder, E3D has designed a new temperature measuring element. This element is an Upgrade Kit that has a PT100, which replaces the thermistor cartridges. The PT100 of E3D are sensors able to measure temperatures up to 400ºC with a high precision (of tenth of a degree), qualities increasingly demanded by the users of 3D printers. These sensors are very simple to assemble in the Heater Block v6 E3D, you just have to introduce it in its corresponding housing and tighten the security screw, no further operation is needed.

Certain materials of great potential such as thel Taulman Tritan-BluPrint (290ºC) or the PEEK (345ºC) need a printing temperature much higher than usual and a very meticulous control to get a piece of quality, something that many 3D printers aren't able to reach. Therefore, E3D has this PT100 Kit that eliminates one of the most common problems when printing this type of material.

The PT100 Kit includes everything necessary for the 3D printer: an electric amplifier board to connect the PT100 to the control board of the 3D printer and 1 m of extension cable.

If only the temperature sensor is required, there is an option to purchase it separately. In this case the temperature sensor would be included, as well as an extension cable.

It should be noted that in most cases an amplifier board with 5V supply and a signal pin will be required. It is recommended to check the requirements of the printer before choosing the kit or the sensor.

Both products are compatible with all 3D printers on the market that use a controller board that runs Marlin or Repetier and a free analog input pin.

This PT100 Kit is compatible with all E3D HotEnd dexcept Cyclops and Volcano

The amplifier board of the PT100 Kit has been designed to have the same gain and output signal as the Ultimaker 2 electronics, which means that it is compatible with the same temperature table that exists in the Marlin firmware.


The PT100 isn't a thermistor that simply connects to the controller board of the 3D printer. The PT100 must be connected to an analog input of the controller board that is free, this type of input is identified by the capital letter "A". A pin that can be used on a RAMPS board is the pin "A3" found in the AUX-1 section.

PT100 RAMPS 1.4

Image 1: PT100 RAMPS 1.4. Source: E3D Online



Once the PT100 is connected to the controller board, it is necessary to tell the Marlin that it has to use that type of sensor.

The first step is to edit the "pins.h" file of the firmware so that the Marlin knows which pin is being used. This file contains all types of controller boards that exist, among which is the RAMP 1.4, which is the most common in a 3D printer. Once the part where the configuration of the desired plate is found is found (for RAMP 1.4 it is line 550) the pin of the first temperature sensor must be changed, which following the previous example would be from 13 to 3:

#define TEMP_0_PIN 13 --------> #define TEMP_0_PIN 3

Now it is necessary to communicate to Marlin what type of sensor is being used, this is done in the "configuration.h" file of the firmware. In the area of thermal configurations is the line that must be changed:

#define TEMP_SENSOR_0 5 --------> #define TEMP_SENSOR_0 20

The number 5 is for the standard Termistor E3D Semitec and the number 20 for the PT100.

Once all these changes have been made, it is only necessary to load the firmware and verify that everything works correctly.

Manufacturer E3D 
Kit content 1x PT100
1x Heater Block v6 E3D
1x 1 m of extension cable
Temperature sensor content 1x PT100
1x Extension cable
HS Code 8477.9

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