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The heater block most used in the world of 3D printing.

The Heater Block is the key element that holds the connection of all components of the HotEnd.

E3D makes available to the user the heater block models compatible with its most recognised hotends:

  • Hotend V6
  • Hotend Volcano

Heater block V6

This block is of high quality because it is made of a high performance metal, manufactured with precision machines to have the smallest possible tolerances and a smooth and shiny finish, which helps the maintenance and cleaning of the block itself. The design of the Original Heater Block v6 E3D is designed to maximize 3D impressions. To achieve this, E3D engineers have made it as compact as possible to take advantage of the entire working area of 3D printers. The hole for the heater cartridge is located in a strategic location to ensure heat transmission from the heater cartridge to the nozzle in a uniform and constant manner. This ensures that the filament flow through the nozzle is constant at all times, even at high speeds and with materials that require high printing temperatures. In addition, to optimize its operation, the Original Heater Block v6 E3D incorporates a hole for the new thermistor cartridges, which offer a very accurate temperature reading. In addition, this hole is the size of other temperature sensors such as PT100 or Type K sensors, thus making this block one of the most powerful and used in the 3D printing community.

To complete the HotEnd v6 E3D Original operation, you must use the original E3D silicone sock for the heater block. This sock isolates the heater block from outside air currents that can cause problems such as imperfections in the part and jams in the HotEnd due to temperature loss in the block itself. The E3D Original Silicone Sock also protects the block of filament sediments that can be adhered to it, thus practically no maintenance required by the Original E3D v6 Heater Block.

Image 1: E3D Original v6 Block and sock Source: E3D.

Volcano heating block

The Volcano HotEnd has a much higher volumetric flow rate than the HotEnd V6. Thanks to this feature, printing speed can be greatly increased.

The Volcano HotEnd uses the same heater block and the same thermistor mounting and insulation system as the V6. However, Volcano increases the speed which the HotEnd melts and extrudes the filament with respect to the V6. To achieve this, the fusion zone is extended to almost double that of the V6. With this modification, the volume of material in the process of fusion is higher and more pressure can be exerted on it; increasing the flow of material and consequently the printing speed.

The Volcano hotend heater block is made of aluminium and allows the use of the various heater cartridges offered by E3D, as well as the PT100 temperature sensor which offers high accuracy even at high temperature readings.

As with the V6 heater block, it is recommended to use the original E3D silicone sock to insulate the block from external air currents, as well as to aid in the maintenance and cleaning of the component.

You must be follow steps must be followed for the assembly of the parts:

  1. Screw the nozzle into the metal block. Unscrew it between 1/4 and 1/2 of a turn.
  2. Screw the stud (connecting the heatsink and the metal block) into the block in step 1 until it stops.
  3. Insert the thermistor into its housing and its safety screw.
  4. Insert the thermistor cartridge into its housing and its safety screw.
  5. Place the heatsink in the stud of step 2.
  6. Mount the fan in its respective diffuser and the latter around the heat sink.
  7. Assembly of the assembled HotEnd in the 3D printer and electronics connection.

For more details of the assembly consult the following link.

Manufacturer E3D
Compatibility Hotend V6
Hotend Volcano
Material Aluminium
HS Code 8477.9


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