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Silicone case to keep clean and prevent deterioration of the E3D v6 and Volcano Original HeatBreak.

HotEnds are prone to filth with filament sediments that occur during 3D prints and especially at the beginning of this. To avoid this E3D has designed and manufactured a silicone case for its most commercialized HotEnd, the E3D v6 and Volcano, making the maintenance process of the nozzle much faster and easier, as it is practically nil.

Silicone case for 3D printer extruder

Image 1: Silicone sock. Source: E3D

It is made of a high temperature resistant silicone and prevents adhesion of materials that leave many sediments, such as co-polyesters. This case also offers a great temperature stability in the HotEnd, especially when a layer fan is available, by avoiding the contact of the air flow produced by it, and thanks to this, the ability to make larger overhangs and bridges without scaffolding.

The duration of the original E3D silicone sleeve is 100 hours for filaments that have sediment with very abrasive components for silicone and an almost infinite life if they are like PLA or ABS.

The mounting must be done in cold, placing the silicone cover in the HeatBreak and after heating, it conforms to the shape of the E3D v6 or Volcano by thermal expansion, being fully grasped to the block.

Manufacturer E3D
Model v6 / Volcano
Maximum working temperature 300ºC
HS Code 3923.9


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