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7mm wrench for mounting and unmounting the E3D nozzle.

The original 7mm E3D key for nozzle is a very useful tool when performing the maintenance of the extruder and exchange the nozzles. This key provides the reliability and adjustment necessary to realize the exchange of nozzles all the necessary times without producing friction or marks and with a great comfort, lengthening the useful life of the nozzles.


Image 1: Nozzle wrench. Source: E3D


Image 2: 7mm wrenches. Source: E3D

It is recommended to use this wrench for mounting and dismounting the E3D nozzle. When a jam occurs in the extruder, apart from using this key, it will help to disassemble that the HotEnd is at a temperature close to the Tg of the material inside so that the filament is in the plastic state and is easier operation.

Manufacturer E3D
HS Code 8203.2


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