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Spare cables for the Bambu Lab 3D printers from the X1 series.

Cables in FDM 3D printers may require replacement due to wear and tear from continuous movement, exposure to heat generated by components like heated beds, improper handling causing internal damage, potential electrical interference impacting signal integrity, wear on connectors, upgrades or modifications to the printer, and the presence of faulty wiring or subpar materials. Regular inspection and timely replacement of damaged cables are crucial for maintaining the printer's reliability and performance over time.

These cables for the 3D printers from the Bambu Lab X1 series are the original spare parts and they come in various types:

  • TH board FPC cable V9 - establishes a connection between the main TH board and the interface board.
  • MC AP cable pack (2-in-1) - these two cables link the AP board and MC board of X1 series printers, facilitating power supply from MC to AP and enabling data interaction between them.

Replacement instructions

The detailed instructions on how to replace these cables in the X1 series 3D printers can be found on the Bambu Lab Wiki for the FPC cable as well as for the MC AP cables.

Prior to conducting maintenance on the printer, it is crucial to power off the printer and disconnect it from the power source to prevent potential short circuits leading to electronic damage and safety risks.

Manufacturer Bambu Lab
Compatibility X1
Package contents 1x TH board FPC V9 cable / 1x PMC AP cable package (2-in-1)
HS Code 8485.9090


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