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Beamo FLUX diode laser module


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Laser module for Beamo that enables engraving on stainless steel surfaces and other materials.

The laser cutting and engraving equipment are very useful and complement the work that can be carried out by a 3D printer. With laser cutting and engraving equipment, the user can cut and engrave a large number of materials, obtaining professional-level results.

Cortadoras láser

Image 1: Laser cutters. Source: Fluxlasers.

Flux Europe has developed a range of desktop laser cutting and engraving machines, consisting of Beamo, Beambox and Beambox Pro. These machines differ from each other both in terms of work volume and the power of the laser they work with, adapting to the different needs of each user and providing professional results with total reliability without losing the desktop format.

Beamo is a laser cutting and engraving machine suitable for inexperienced users, as it is very easy to use. This alternative to industrial machines allows the user to carry out a wide variety of jobs and work with different materials to obtain professional finishes. Beamo allows laser engraving on wood, acrylic, cardboard, leather, fabric, anodised metal, stainless steel or glass. Engraving on stainless steel requires the use of spray paint on the surface. Therefore, Flux has developed the diode laser module; a device that allows you to bypass this step and save the user time and costs. 

Módulo láser de diodo

Image 2: Diode laser module. Source: Fluxlasers.

The diode laser module is equipped with a 5W diode laser and can be used simultaneously with the original CO2 laser setup. Because specific types of stainless steel have a higher absorption rate for blue light, the different wavelengths allow you to etch directly onto stainless steel.

Specifically designed for Beamo, the diode laser add-on allows you to expand your equipment manufacturing options.

With this laser module, the Beamo cutting machine can engrave most stainless steel parts without the need to spray paint on the surface; which saves time and costs, while extending the useful life of the laser tube.

When using this complement, the user must follow a series of steps for its correct operation.

1. Enable diode laser

After installing the module, the diode laser can be controlled in Beam Studio, changing the type of laser between the different layers.

To use the diode laser module, the user will need to go to "Preferences" (Mac: Menu > Beam Studio > Preferences; Windows: Menu > File > Preferences) and select the diode laser option under plugins. To set compensation values, see step 2.

In “Menu > Edit > File Settings”, it is possible to enable or disable the diode laser module directed to individual files.

2. Diode laser calibration

Before using the diode laser, it is necessary to calibrate it to achieve the compensation values between the laser heads. The reason is because in the diode laser module, the position at which the laser is produced varies for different types of lasers. Calibration can be activated via "Menu > Equipment > 'My Equipment' > Calibrate Diode Laser Plugin". The steps are similar to camera calibration.

3. Switching lasers

After enabling the diode laser, in the layer laser parameters panel, an additional "diode laser" option can be found. After selecting these options, the additional diode laser feature of the diode laser will be allowed to be used on the target layer.

On the layer where the diode laser function is selected, you can see that certain parts of the work area are restricted (displayed in gray). The restrictions on the upper right corner are because, in the diode laser plugin, the position where the diode laser appears is in the lower left corner, which results in a certain portion of the upper right corner that cannot be processed. The area restrictions noted in the lower left corner are due to the size of the diode laser module, which prevents the laser head from reaching that particular area.

4. Recommended parameters

Higher power percentages are allowed for the diode laser. For stainless steel, it is recommended to set the power ratio to 100% and 3~5mm/s for the speed.

In case there is no laser beam output from the diode laser head:

  • Review the steps above and make sure they have been followed correctly.

  • The "Power Rate" parameter is too low. It should be set to "x1.0"

  • Diode laser module signal is not connected:

    • Check that the fan on top of the diode laser module is working. If not, check the following:
    • Go to the touch screen > Hold > Press the "Cam Led" button. If the fan above the diode laser module starts to work, it means the signal is on ("Cam Led" button is the switch of the diode laser module).
    • If the diode laser module still does not work, you will need to contact technical support.

By following these steps, the user will be able to start using their laser module immediately and without further complication.

General information
Manufacturer Fluxlaser
Laser power 5 W
Wavelength 450 nm
Dimensions 42.8mm x 53.45mm x 80mm
Weight 270 g
Work area After installation, the working area of the diode laser is 230 mm x 200 mm. The working area of the CO2 laser will be reduced to 250 mm x 200 mm
Compatible materials Cardboard
Anodised aluminium
Stainless steel (works best on 201SS, 304SS, 316SS, results may differ with different types)
HS Code 8477.9

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