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Filament holder available in two different sizes. 

PrintDry is a manufacturer of products for drying and storing FDM 3D printing filament. Their latest addition is the Printdry filament holder, an accessory designed to position filament spools and allow a smooth and consistent filament flow, improving material feed and reducing the risk of overlapping, jamming and printing failures, especially when using flexible filament.

PrintDry filament holder

Image 1: PrintDry filament holders. Source: PrintDry.

To ensure that the spool is securely attached to the spool holder and does not wobble, spool adapters should be used, which allow the spool to rotate smoothly and prevent jerking.

PrintDry filament spool holders are available in two different sizes for compatibility with different spool sizes:

  • Standard holder: The standard holder with cantilever mounting piece is designed for 1 kg spools.
  • Large holder: The larger filament holder is designed for spools up to 5 kg.  

Video 1: The mounting and use of the PrintDry filament holders. Source: PrintDry.

The use of a consistent support that allows the coil to rotate smoothly and steadily is essential and directly affects the finish of 3D printed parts.

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