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Original replacement laser tube compatible with Beamo, Beambox and Beambox Pro from Flux Europe.

The CO2 laser tube is one of the most important parts of laser cutting and engraving machines, as this component is responsible for providing the focused energy for the laser cutting or engraving process.

Flux Europe has developed a range of desktop laser cutting and engraving machines, consisting of Beamo, Beambox and Beambox Pro. These machines differ from each other both in terms of work volume and the power of the laser they work with, adapting to the different needs of each user and providing professional results with total reliability without losing the desktop format.

Image 1: 50W laser tube. Source: Flux Europe

Each of the laser cutting and engraving machine models developed by Flux Europe has a CO2 laser of different power, 30 W for Beamo, 40 W for Beambox and 50 W for Beambox Pro. 

Image 2: 50W laser head. Source: Flux Europe

The replacement laser tube is an original spare part compatible with BeamoBeambox and Beambox Pro, which replaces your original laser tube, ensuring the quality standards required by the manufacturer and preserving the reliability of the equipment.

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Flux Europe
Product 30 W CO2 laser
40 W CO2 laser
50 W CO2 laser
Compatibility Beamo
Beambox Pro
Package contents Beamo - x1 30 W CO2 laser tube
Beambox - x1 40 W CO2 laser tube
Beambox Pro - x1 50 W CO2 laser tube
HS Code 8417.8070


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