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Beamo, Beambox/Beambox Pro/Hexa compatible add-on module for laser engraving of curved surfaces.

Flux has developed several laser cutting and engraving machines that are adapted to the needs of private users and small companies, with a great quality/price ratio.

  • Beamo
  • Beambox
  • Beambox Pro
  • Hexa

Thanks to the development of these laser cutting and engraving machines, users can acquire affordable, compact laser cutting and engraving equipment with which they can achieve professional results.

The laser cutting and engraving machines developed by Flux allow the laser cutting and engraving of various materials up to 12 mm thick (depending on the material and machine model) such as paper, cardboard, wood, leather, fabric, rubber, acrylic, glass, stone or certain metals.

The rotary module is an extra tool compatible with Beamo, Beambox/Beambox Pro and Hexa that allows these machines to laser engrave on curved surfaces such as cups, candles, glasses, etc.

Video 1: Beamo-compatible rotary module. Source: Flux.

The rotary module for Beamo, Beambox/Beambox Pro and Hexa is very easy to install and can be easily used by the user to record on circular objects.

The rotary module undoubtedly expands the creative possibilities of laser cutting and engraving machines, allowing the production of parts that were previously unthinkable with a desktop machine.

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The installation of the rotary module is very simple for both the Beamo compatible model and the Beambox and Beambox Pro compatible model.

Users can access the online installation guide provided by the manufacturer here for Beamo/Beambox/Beambox Pro and here for Hexa.

ProductRotating module 
Compatibility Beamo
Beambox / Beambox Pro
Manufacturer Flux
Supported technologies Laser engraving
Dimensionas max. objeto Beamo: max height. 90 mm
Beambox: Length max. 300 mm, max height. 80 mm
Beambox Pro: Length max. 500 mm, max height. 80 mm
Hexa: Length max. 600 mm, max. height 75 mm
Dimensions and weight
Dimensions -
Package dimensions -
Package weight -
HS Code 8477.59


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