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High performance cartridge heater with 50 W of power.

Slice Engineering is an American manufacturer recognized as the creator of the acclaimed Mosquito hotend, one of the most advanced on the market.

As a complement to its Mosquito and Copperhead hotends, Slice Engineering offers a 50W cartridge heater, a power greater than that offered by most standard cartridge heaters.

Using a low quality cartridge heater or thermistor can be a significant fire hazard, especially when working with high temperature materials. This is why it is important to select components of the highest quality

Slice Engineering's 50W cartridge heater is a high quality 22mm long cartridge heater designed to fit perfectly into a 6mm diameter heating block with H7 tolerance. This makes it fully compatible not only with the Mosquito and Copperhead heater blocks, but also with E3D's V6 system.

It has reinforced connections and is coated with a high temperature silicone protection to protect the cables from possible short circuits. In addition, the cartridge includes a built-in 40 mm cable and a 1 m long extension cable. The 12 V version features high quality Molex Microfit 3.0 connectors. This facilitates replacement without having to change the cable to the board, which is very laborious in many printers, and also ensures a firmer and safer connection.

Its high power density provides rapid heating up to 450°C, as well as increased accuracy by reducing heating inertia, especially when combined with Slice Engineering's copper heating blocks and boron nitride thermal paste. It is available in both 12V and 24V versions.

Slice Engineering's 50 Watt cartridge heater is the perfect choice to achieve the maximum performance from the Mosquito and Copperhead hotends.

It is essential to use the correct version, so it is necessary to know the voltage provided by the printer before purchasing the heating cartridge.

A PID calibration is recommended whenever the thermistor or cartridge heater is replaced.

Manufacturer Slice Engineering
Lenght 22 mm
Diameter 6 mm
Power 50 W
HS Code 8477.9

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