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Official polishing kit for dental devices 3D printed with the KeyPrint resins.

The KeyPolish kit from the KeyPrint line by KeyStone Industries is a bundled polishing solution designed especially for the KeyPrint dental resins. In certain applications, apart from fulfilling a specific function, orthodontic devices need to also have an aesthetically pleasing surface finish.

A 3D printed splint before and after polishing

Image 1: A 3D printed splint before and after polishing. Source: KeyPrint.

This is the case for splints, mouthguards, nightguards, trays, repositioners, i.e. any device that needs to be used by the patient on a regular basis. In these situations, the way the dental device looks is equally important as a good and comfortable fit.

The contents of the KeyPolish polishing kit

Image 2: The contents of the KeyPolish polishing kit. Source: KeyPrint.

The KeyPolish kit contains all the accessories necessary to follow the polishing guide for dental devices 3D printed with the KeyPrint resins. The complete polishing protocol is available in the Downloads section in pdf format.

  1. Mini Scotch Brite bit - serves the purpose of grinding down support marks.
  2. 400 grit blue disc - elimination of remnant print lines and residual material from the surface of the print.
  3. Muslin buffs (4x42, 101.6 mm) - helps reach all edges and occlusal surfaces during polishing.
  4. Muslin buffs (5x45, 127 mm) - for giving larger and flatter surfaces a pre-polish or a final high-shine polish.
  5. Tripoli polishing compound - great for removing scratches and pre-polishing.
  6. Beige polishing paste bar (100 g) - polishing paste used in the high-shine polishing stage.
  7. High-shine cotton buff - used in the final step to give the denture a high-gloss buff.
  8. High-shine Polistar pink (150 g) - used for giving the denture a mirror finish.

The polishing process is very straightforward and lasts approximately 10 minutes. First, any support marks and print lines are removed with the help of the Scotch Brite bit and the blue disc. Next it’s time for pre-polishing where the muslin buffs and the Tripoli polishing compound are used. Lastly, to give the dental device a high gloss finish, kit elements number 6, 7, and 8 are used. The entire process is demonstrated in a video provided by the manufacturer.

Video 1: How to use the KeyPolish polishing kit. Source: KeyPrint.

Polishing not only removes support marks and layer lines from 3D printed dental devices but can also increase the transparency and give the dental device a high gloss. Using the KeyPolish polishing kit in accordance with the KeyPrint polishing guidelines will result in obtaining very visually appealing splints, mouthguards, nightguards, trays or repositioners that the end user will feel comfortable wearing. The KeyPolish kit will be a valuable addition to the workflow of any dental professional using the KeyPrint dental resins.

Manufacturer KeyStone Industries
Kit contents 1x Mini Scotch Brite
1x 400 grit blue disc
1x Muslin buff 4x42, 101.6 mm
1x Muslin buff 5x45, 127 mm
1x Tripoli polishing compound bar
1x Beige polishing paste bar
1x High shine cotton buff
1x High shine Polistar Pink
HS Code 4804.3

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