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    LOCTITE - Instant 401



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    Ultra fast curing glue perfect for 3D printing.

    LOCTITE, a brand known internationally for its adhesives, belongs to the Henkel group, which dedicates its work to produce and develop all types of domestic and industrial chemical products. LOCTITE has developed the Loctite 401 instant glue, which is ideal for the 3D printing sector due to its composition.

    The LOCTITE 401 is a cyanoacrylate glue with an ultra fast cure and a single component, it cures in a few seconds. It is ideal for gluing printed pieces of all kinds, FDM, SLA, DLP, even pieces made with technologies with a porous finish (SLS and MJF). Thanks to its low viscosity, this glue is perfectly introduced by the layers of the printed pieces, even if they are not very porous, resulting in a perfect union and without altering the final geometry of the joint (separation <0.1 mm). In addition, the LOCTITE 401 is ideal for bonding casting resins, since it does not generate ashes.

    This glue allows you to make larger pieces without the need for a larger 3D printer. To make these joints, LOCTITE recommends different geometries depending on the type of resistance that the piece that you want to carry out must support. Below are the types of recommended joints:

    Selt-Alignment None None Better Better Best Best
    Bond Area Good Better Better Better Better Better
    Stress Distr. Good Better Better Best Best Best
    JointSelt-AlignmentBond AreaStress Distr.
    Butt None Good Good
    Scarf None Better Better
    Stepped scarf Better Better Better
    Stepped lap Better Better Best
    Tongue and groove Best
    Better Best
    Saw tooth Best Better Best
    Chart 1: Types of union. Source: LOCTITE

    The LOCTITE 401 is ideal for ultra fast joints of parts that are manufactured in all types of 3D printers and to repair the breakage of any of them.

    The following are the recommended steps that should be performed at the time of the paste process:

    1. Ensure surfaces are clean and free of uncured resin, dust or any type of grease.
    2. Apply a drop or a small drop of adhesive to one of the faces to be joined.
    3. Do not spread the drop on the surface, you must allow the propagation by contact of the other party. The excess applied quantity should be avoided.
    4. Assemble the two parts immediately after the previous step and for 2-3 minutes apply a slight pressure to achieve full contact between the surfaces.
    Manufacturer LOCTITE
    Quantity 50 g
    HS Code 3506.9
    Hazard and precautionary statements Skin irritation
    CLP Regulation (EC) 1272/2008. For more information, consult the product safety data sheet.


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