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  • Laser cutting machine Beambox Pro View larger

    Laser cutting machine Hexa


    Flux Europe

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    Compact professional laser cutting and engraving machine with large working area and high power.

    Flux Europe is a manufacturer specialised in the development of laser cutting and engraving equipment. Its main objective is to offer professional machines that adapt to the needs of private users and small companies, with a great value for money.

    Laser cutting and engraving equipment are very useful tools at a professional level, as they allow cutting and engraving on various surfaces, often complementing the use of 3D printers.

    Flux Europe's range of laser cutting and engraving equipment includes Beamo (ideal for private individuals), Beambox and Beambox Pro (for more advanced use). In addition to these, Flux Europe offers a new machine, HEXA.

    Flux HEXA.

    Image 1: HEXA. Source: Flux Europe.

    HEXA is a compact professional laser cutting and engraving machine with a large working surface, ideal for users who need a reliable and powerful machine to carry out different applications with professional results.

    Parts created with HEXA.

    Image 2: Products manufactured using HEXA. Source: Flux Europe.

    Large work surface

    HEXA stands out from other Flux Europe machines due to its 730 x 410 x 125 mm working area, which is much larger than the rest of the manufacturer's machines. This large surface area allows the user to engrave a multitude of materials and objects, expanding its capabilities compared to other laser cutting and engraving equipment.

    The HEXA's working area is equipped by default with an improved steel honeycomb platform and cone separators, which allow for optimum results in the laser cutting and engraving of various materials.

    Honeycomb platform

    Image 3: Honeycomb platform. Source: Flux Europe.

    High power and speed

    HEXA features a high-powered 60 W CO2 laser with a 38 mm optical focusing lens. This new laser can cut a wide variety of materials with a thickness of up to 20 mm (depending on the material), as well as reaching a resolution of 1000 DPI, allowing the user to engrave images with a high level of detail.

    In addition, the working speed of this machine has been improved. Thanks to the Cortex M4 core chips, HEXA can reach an engraving speed of up to 900 mm/s, allowing the work process to be streamlined and optimised.

    Wide variety of materials

    HEXA can use a variety of materials for both laser engraving and laser cutting. These include cardboard, wood, leather, leather, fabric, rubber, cement, acrylic, glass, stone, anodised metal, stainless steel and more.

    Beamo compatible materials

    Image 4: Materials compatible with Beambox. Source: Flux Europe.

    Below you can see which materials and thicknesses can be laser cut and which are compatible with laser engraving:

    Cardboard Sí  (< 7 mm) Sí
    Wood Sí  (< 10 mm) Sí
    Bamboo Sí  (< 10 mm) Sí
    Leather Sí  (< 6 mm) Sí
    Fabric Sí  (< 20 mm) Sí
    Rubber Sí  (< 7 mm) Sí
    Cement No Sí
    Acrylic Sí  (< 10 mm) Sí
    Glass No Sí
    Stone No Sí
    Anodised metal No Sí
    Stainless steel No Sí (With spray)
    Table 1: Materials compatible with Beambox Pro. Source: Flux.


    One of the features that makes HEXA stand out from other laser cutting and engraving equipment is its autofocus. For this, HEXA uses a contact level sensor that works on any surface, allowing the machine to vary the distance of the laser by reference to the surface of the material, guaranteeing the optimum focus distance.

    Video 1: HEXA Autofocus. Source: Flux Europe.

    Powerful software

    Flux has developed Beam Studio, a powerful software that allows the user to create without limits. Beam Studio includes features found in professional graphics editing applications, providing an exceptional design experience. 

    Beam studio

    Image 5: Design with Beam Studio. Source: Flux.

    With Beam Studio it is possible to edit text and vector files, modify bitmap images, align and define objects, etc. In addition, Beam Studio supports JPG / PNG / SVG / DXF file formats, allowing the use of the user's preferred graphics editor.


    Like the other Flux-developed devices such as Beambox or Beambox Pro, HEXA is a safe device.

    HEXA has a fully enclosed housing and includes sensors that alert in case of unexpected movement or overheating, as well as a fire alarm. These safety mechanisms allow the user to be fully protected at all times.

    Video 2: HEXA safety sensors. Source: Flux Europe.

    This professional laser cutting machine, unlike others with similar features, is intuitive to use. HEXA has a touch screen with which the user can control and monitor the work process thanks to its intuitive interface. 

    Due to its features, its compatibility with a wide variety of materials and the safety elements it includes, the HEXA is the perfect laser cutting machine for small companies that need a powerful, compact machine with a large working surface that offers professional quality.

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    Manufacturer Flux
    Technology Laser cutter
    Certificates -
    Properties of the cutter
    Volume of work 730 x 410 x 125 mm
    Maximum part height 125 mm
    Maximum load on the working surface -
    Maximum sound level -
    Integrated webcam Yes
    Laser properties
    Laser type CO 2 Laser
    Laser source class -
    Wavelength -
    Power 60 W
    Cutting and engraving properties
    Positioning resolution (XY) -
    Positioning resolution (Z) -
    Layer height -
    Max. cutting speed 0 ~ 900 mm/s
    Max. chamber temperature -
    Ambient operating temperature -
    Atmospheric humidity -
    Software and connectivity
    Software Beamo Studio
    Supported files JPG / PNG / SVG / DXF / AI / PDF
    Connectivity Wi-Fi 
    Electrical properties
    Input -
    Output -
    Consumption -
    Dimensions and weight
    Cutter dimensions 1110 x 670 x 273 mm
    Cutter weight 58 kg
    Package dimensions -
    Package weight -
    HS Code 8477.5900


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