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    FilaWarmer - Metallic filament heater


    The Virtual Foundry

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    Device required to print certain metallic filaments (Filamet ™).

    To achieve a successful 3D printing, all elements and materials must be in the optimal conditions. One of the most important conditions when printing Filamet ™ is that the filament is completely straight before entering the extruder. Naturally, the Filamet ™ has the same curvature of the coil due to the plastic surrounding the metal. To eliminate that curvature, The Virtual Foundry features FilaWarmer, a device formed by a cylindrical that heats the filament and a temperature controller. As the material passes through the heating cylinder, it loses its curvature, increases flexibility and reduces tensile strength, thus preventing breakage and facilitating printing.

    FilaWarmer is designed to be used with filaments of any diameter (1.75 mm or 2.85 mm) and in 3D printers with direct type or bowden extruder. Once the filament passes through the heating cylinder, it reaches the ideal flexibility so that the material is flexible enough not to split (fragile breakage) but without complicating the printing configuration, as is the case with flexible filaments in 3D printers with extruder Bowden type.

    FilaWarmer heater cylinder

    The FilaWarmer is delivered programmed at 60 °C, ideal temperature for Filamet™. In the case of printing parts with Filamet™ tungsten, the use of FilaWarmer is not recommended.

    To achieve the best results, it is essential to correctly place the coil and FilaWamer with respect to the 3D printer. The heating cylinder should be placed as close as possible to the filament coil, always vertically, and the outlet hole of the heating cylinder must be aligned with the inlet hole of the extruder. This minimizes friction in the extruder to avoid possible errors during printing and improve the final result of the manufactured part.


    FilaWamer is a device designed to heat the Filamet™ filament in a controlled manner, before being introduced by the extruder.

    The heater cylinder should be placed vertically, with the inlet as close as possible to the filament coil and the outlet aligned with the inlet hole of the extruder. The Virtual Foundry recommends hanging the heater cylinder to let the coil spin freely.

    Filamet™Temperature (ºC)
    316L stainless steel Use
    Copper Use
    Bronze Use
    High carbon steel -
    6061 aluminum Do not use
    Tungsten Do not use
    Manufacturer  The Virtual Foundry (USA)
    Certificates -
    Heater cylinder properties
    Minimum temperature 0 ºC
    Maximum temperature 99 ºC
    Filament diameter compatible 1.75 mm and 2.85 mm
    Controller properties
    Model STC-1000
    Temperature range 0 ºC - 100 ºC
    Dimensions and weight
    HS Code 8514.40
    Package Content 1x Heater Cylinder
    1x Type A electrical connector (American)

    * Does not include adapter to electrical connector type C (European).

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