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PLA pellets with carbon fibre to manufacture filaments for 3D printing with an extruder.

PLA CF15 pellets are small cylinders of the highest quality material, consisting of a PLA base that incorporates carbon fibres. Thanks to this combination, the great qualities of PLA are maintained and its mechanical and thermal properties are increased.

The carbon fibre reinforcement improves the overall mechanical properties of the base plastic. In this case, a PLA with higher stiffness is achieved. This increased stiffness is achieved at the cost of reduced flexibility which makes this material ideal for making parts that are not intended to bend.

Thus, PLA CF15 has excellent surface quality, dimensional stability and printability.

PLA CF15 pellets do not incorporate recycled or reclaimed material. Thanks to these qualities, PLA CF15 pellets are perfect for 3D printing, achieving high print quality. There are several methods for using pellets in 3D printing:

  • CF15 PLA pellets can be used in the manufacture of filament for FDM 3D printers using Filastruder or any other filament extruder.
  • It is possible to use a pellet extruder for 3D printing directly.

With the combination of PLA CF15 Pellets and a good filament extruder such as Filastruder, it is possible to obtain 3D printing filament with qualities similar to those of a commercial PLA CF15 filament.

When using PLA CF15 Pellets to make filament with a filament extruder such as Filastruder or using a pellet extruder for direct 3D printing, it should be noted that the extrusion temperature must be regulated in relation to the extrusion speed used. For optimal results, it is recommended to read the product's usage advice.

Thanks to their properties, PLA CF15 pellets are perfect for 3D printing functional prototypes, brackets, tools, propellers or drone casings or similar.

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The carbon fibre content of PLA CF15 pellets makes it a very abrasive material, so it is recommended to use a hardened steel nozzle with an outlet diameter of more than 0.5 mm.

After use, it is recommended to use a cleaning filament to avoid clogging and to keep the hotend in good condition.

PLA is a hygroscopic material. This means that it has a tendency to absorb ambient humidity. It is therefore recommended to store PLA CF15 pellets in an airtight bag or use desiccant bags to keep them free of moisture.

General information
Material PLA CF15
Manufacturer 3DxTech
Format 5 Kg bag
Density 1.39 g/cm3
Colour Black
Mechanical properties
Izod impact resistance (ASTM D256) -
Charpy impact resistance  -
Ultimate breaking strength -
Maximal deformation at break -
Tensile strength (ASTM D638) -
Tensile modulus (ISO 6721) -
Bending strength (ISO 178) -
Bending modulus  -
Surface hardness -
Thermal properties
Processing temperature 160-190 ºC
Glass transition temperature -
Melting temperature -
MFR Ratio -
Surface resistivity >109 Ohm
Flammability (UL 94 @1.5 mm) -
Additional information
HS Code 3901.1

* The typical values listed in this table should be considered as a reference. We advise you to confirm the final results and properties with your own tests. For further information please refer to the product data sheet.


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