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  • 3Doodler strands


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    Filament bars for 3Doodler pen in PLA, ABS and Flexy.

    3Doodler is the first 3D pen that allows drawing in 3D and with which you can literally rip the drawings out of the paper.

    3Doodler should use perfectly straight plastic strands. It is not advisable to use the filament directly in coils, because when entering curved in the mechanisms of traction of the 3D pencil it can deteriorate this mechanism.

    For this, it is possible to choose between three materials and a wide variety of colors of plastic strands depending on the type of creations that you want to make.


    Perfect for those users who want to get a glossy finish. It cools at low temperature and adheres to most surfaces such as paper, glass, fabric or metal. It is possible to handle the plastic for a few seconds after drawing. It is easy to clean and safe as it leaves virtually no material damaged.


    Another option when making designs and drawings with 3Doodler is ABS plastics. Perfect for creations that require a stronger base. The peculiarity of ABS is that drying is done quickly and with a subtle matt finish.


    With this material it is possible to create designs that can be squeezed, stretched or twisted, avoiding the constraints of rigid plastic to create folding figures, clothes, tapes, etc. It remains flexible after drying.

    Manufacturer WobbleWorks
    Material PLA, ABS, Flexy
    Contained in package 25 threads
    Color (1) Red PLA: Chili Pepper Red
    Orange PLA: OJ Orange
    Yellow PLA: Rubber Ducky Yellow
    Green PLA: Greener Grass
    Blue PLA: Royal Blue
    Glow in the dark PLA : Glow In The Dark
    White PLA: Snow White
    Grey PLA: Robo Silver
    Black PLA: Tuxedo Black

    Red ABS: Riding Hood Red
    Orange ABS: Highlighter Orange
    Yellow ABS: Sunnyside Yellow
    Green ABS: EverGreen
    Blue ABS: Grand Bleu
    Glow in the dark ABS: Glow in the Dark
    White ABS: Polar White
    Grey ABS: Skyline Silver
    Black ABS: Black Belt Black

    Yellow Flexy: Yellow
    Blue Flexy: Aqua
    Grey Flexy: Silver
    Black Flexy: Black
    HS Code 8477.9

    (1) If you want a different color among those available by the manufacturer, do not hesitate to contact us.


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