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    Clip for 3D printer bed


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    Basic fastener for users who use a glass or PEI printing surface.

    These clips are suitable for holding the glass printing surface or PEI of the 3D printer. The correct and firm attachment of the printing surface to the base of the 3D printer is key to ensure that the printing of a piece is not interrupted by a problem of displacement of the surface.

    Clip for 3D printer base

    Image 1: Clip for 3D printer base


    In addition, these clips for the base are of small size, to occupy the minimum space of the printing area, but with sufficient tightening force to keep the printing surface fixed. To take full advantage of the clamping power, it is recommended to place 4 clips, equally and symmetrically distributed over the printing surface.

    Measures clips for 3D printer base
    Image 2: Measures clips for 3D printer base
    Measures clips for 3D printer base
    Image 3: Measures clips for 3D printer base

    Before acquiring a clip for the 3D printer base, you must make the appropriate measurements and check that the maximum opening of the clip (8 mm) is sufficient to hold the base and the printing surface simultaneously.

    Long 25 mm (creased) / 35 mm (extended)
    Width 19 mm
    High 8 mm
    HS Code 8305.9

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