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Pliers are an essential manual tool for the maintenance and repair of a 3D printer.

All users of a 3D printer end up needing a set of basic tools. Among these tools are the pliers (universal and semi-circular nose), necessary and useful elements for both maintenance and repair of any problem that may occur in the 3D printer.

The universal pliers, as the name suggests, are valid for all types of applications, such as:

  • Hold two objects, one against the other, to perform some operation on them simultaneously or hold an object more safely than with the hand. For example, to hold the heater block to make the change of the nozzle.
  • Cut both metal wires and electric wire easily. Users with some experience also use them to separate the insulating part of the conductive part of the electrical wires.
  • Tear screws, nails or other type of protrusion that you want to remove from the area where it is nailed.

The semi-round nose pliers, apart from carrying out most of the operations mentioned above (with less pressure), are also used to:

  • Access the interior of cavities or holes with ease, such as reaching inside a hole of a piece printed in 3D to remove the supports.
  • Give a round shape to a steel cable thanks to the semi-round shape of its tips.
  • Greater precision of grip on objects of reduced size, something very useful to remove remains of filament of the nozzle after the purge or to make connections in the electronics without damaging any component.

The two types of pliers are available in two sizes: 5 "(125 mm) and 6" (160 mm insulating):

  • The 5" pliers are forged with high quality carbon steel to withstand high working intervals without any problem.Its body has an anticorrosive coating on which a thermal cooling treatment has been applied to obtain great hardness. The handle has a non-slip plastic coating.
  • The 6" pliers (insulators) are manufactured with the same characteristics as the previous ones and they have properties against electricity and heat. The isolating pliers are approved by the German VDE institute, which certify that they can work in voltages up to 1000 V in AC or 1500 V in DC. In addition, they have passed the test of being exposed to the flame of a fire for 10 seconds without generating flame, adherence of the grip by applying a force of 500N for 3 minutes after being at 70ºC for 168 hours and an electrical test of 10000 V during 3 minutes after being submerged in water for 24 hours.

Having these tools facilitates and speeds up the maintenance, repair and even post-processing of parts made in a 3D printer.

To avoid damaging the tips of the plier, make sure you are correctly adjusting the opening of the clamps. The force applied to the plier should not be greatly exceeded since this can cause the tool to break or the screw head to wear out.

Manufacturer Berrylion
Size 125 mm or 160 mm
Material Carbon steel
HS Code 8203.2

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