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Replacement of the interchangeable tips for the finishing tool Modifi3D.

Modifi3D is the finishing tool for 3D printing, specially designed to finish, repair and modify 3D parts at a low cost.

The tip kit is available for both the Modifi3D Original version, with 4 tips, and for the Modifi3D Pro version, which contains 10 different tips.

     Tip Kit for Modifi3D Original

     Tip Kit for Modifi3D Pro

Tip Kit for Modifi3D Original

The tip kit it's composed of 4 different interchangeable tips (needle, knife, scoop and tip). These tips have a special coating to prevent the plastic from sticking.

The Tip Kit for the Modifi3D is a spare created to exchange only the tips without having to buy a new Modifi3D tool once the initial tips have worn out, since like all tools, with use they present wear or can suffer a blow and break. It's advisable to have a Kit of tips to greater than the tips that includes the Modifi3D, to always be safe and not penalize time in the post-processing if any problem occurs with any of the Modifi3D tips.

Interchangeable tips make it easy to choose the right tool for the job.

Finishing tool for 3D printing

Needle: Ideal for cleaning small holes or for detailed refinements of layers in hard-to-reach places.

Finishing tool for 3D printing

Knife: For cutting and removing sections including removing racks and rafts from your 3D printing.

Finishing tool for 3D printing

Scoop: Perfect to remove threads and imperfections from holes or interior recesses. Can also be used to mix surfaces.

Finishing tool for 3D printing

General purpose tip to define internal details and make larger holes.

Tip Kid for Modifi3D Pro

The Modifi3D Pro Tip Kit contains spare parts for the 10 different tips available to the advanced version of the tool:

Insert setting
Large spoon

Modifi3D Pro's interchangeable tips feature a special coating to prevent plastic from sticking during post-processing processes. In addition, it manages to heat the tips to more than 200 ºC in less than 25 seconds, reaching 450 ºC maximum temperature. This version will also incorporate an LCD display that allows you to adjust and control the temperature.

    Modifi3D Original

    Modifi3D Pro

Modifi3D Original

Quick change tips:

Changing the finishing tips is really simple:

  1. Unplug the USB and allow it to cool completely.
  2. Unscrew the lock nut and remove the tip.
  3. Push the replacement tip completely and tighten the locking nut.
  4. Plug in the USB again.

Tips for cleaning the finishing tips of MODIFI3D:

To clean the interchangeable tips, we recommend using a damp sponge to remove any plastic residue from the tips. To make it easier it is better that the tips are a bit hot. (At a temperature that can not cause burns, they should be allowed to cool for a while until they reach a safe temperature). Do not use abrasive cleaners as they may damage the special tip coating.

Problem solving:

  1. MODIFI3D WITHOUT WARM. If this happens you should try plugging it into another USB socket. The USB may not be providing enough power to work properly. The most common USB 2.0 or 3.0 is recommended. It is important that the USB port is below 1A, because if the current is higher it may prevent the sleep mode from working properly.
  2. MODIFI3D IS NOT REACHING 450ºC. After pressing the metal switch, MODIFI3D automatically heats up to 300ºC. However, for the temperature to rise to 420-450 ° C, continue to touch the metal switch until the required temperature is reached. When the switch is released, MODIFI3D will start to cool down and after 25 seconds it will go into sleep mode, the light will turn off and the tip will start to cool.
  3. MODIFI3D DOES NOT GO TO REST MODE. MODIFI3D will stop automatically after not being used for 25 seconds. However, if the USB port is not supported, MODIFI3D will not stop and will continue to heat up to 420-450 ° C. This can happen with some USB ports and wall plug adapters, for example in the Apple iPad and iPhone wall adapters. It is recommended to use USB 2.0 or 3.0 that is less than 1A.
  4. THE ON / OFF SWITCH DOES NOT WORK. The touch switch does not have an "off" function. The tool will stop automatically after not being used for 25 seconds. Gently tap the switch to activate or wake MODIFI3D. Always unplug USB if MODIFI3D is not being used.
  5. MODIFIED BUTTON DOES NOT PRESS. The button is actually a touch switch and does not press. DO NOT attempt to push or push the switch, as this may damage the tool. Simply tap the switch to activate it.
  6. THE TIPS DO NOT GO WELL. The tips are sent crimped so that they enter with some resistance in the modifi3D connector and therefore make as much contact as possible. Therefore, sometimes it is necessary if they do not fit well, adjust them with a small pliers to make them more cylindrical and thus facilitate their entry into the modifi3D.

The cover of the Modifi3D must be removed by pulling it, if unscrewed the tip is also unscrewed, which will cause the tool to malfunction.

Video 1: Modifi3D Tips Kit

Modifi3D Pro

Using Modifi3D Pro is still just as simple:

  1. Getting started before debuting: The selected tip must be screwed into the head. Before turning on the device, place it on the rest stand. Then plug in the DC adapter. Once plugged into the power, the LCD will display the version number for a few seconds and then the actual temperature will be displayed. The initial temperature set as a target will be 300 ºC.
  2. To set the temperature, press the +/- buttons until the desired temperature is selected. After a few seconds, the actual temperature will be displayed. The temperature is set in 1 ºC intervals. To adjust 10 ºC increments, press and hold the +/- button.
  3. It will be able to configure what will be the time after which the device will enter sleep mode. Once you enter this mode, to re-enable it, you only need to move the device and it will automatically return to the last temperature you were working at before it was suspended.
  4. To change the tips you must always unplug the device beforehand to allow it to cool down, then unscrew the tip and leave the lock nut always in place. If you want to place a new one, you must loosen the lock nut and then screw the new tip, then plug the device back into the power supply.

Like any tool, Modifi3D Pro needs some maintenance and usage recommendations:

  • It should not be worked relentlessly for long periods of time, as this will weaken the coatings of the tips.
  • You should not exert excessive force with the tips, because if they do not manage to make the penetration effect on the piece will be because the temperature of the tips is not enough.
  • When cleaning the tips should never be cleaned with abrasive and thick materials.

It is important to emphasize that the temperature shown on the LCD screen is the temperature that the probe measures in the heating element, but due to the different sizes and shapes of tips, the heat transfer to the edge of the tip may vary slightly and, therefore, the actual temperature of the tip may also vary slightly from that shown on the screen.

Manufacturer Steelmans
Content Tip Kit Modifi3D Original: 4 tips
Tip Kit  Modifi3D Pro: 10 tips
HS Code 8515.1


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