HEPA filter for Sandblaster Sinterit


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Replacement filter for the Sinterit Sandblaster SLS and XL sandblasting cabinets.

The Sinterit Sandblaster SLS and Sandblaster XL sandblasting booths are essential accessories for the post-processing of SLS-printed parts on Sinterit printers. In contrast to booths for industrial use with metals, the Sandblaster SLS and XL have been developed for clean and safe processing of fine powders.

Replacement filter for the Sinterit Sandblaster SLS and XL machines is the key to preventing the dust from the sandblasting machine from escaping to the outside, thus ensuring a safe working environment. It measures 155 mm in diameter and 60 mm in depth.

It is recommended to replace it every 200 hours of use, provided that the booth is used without suction.


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