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  • Prusa Inox XL - KIT 3D Printer

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    Reliable elements, ease of assembly and large dimensions with good value for money.

    Prusa Inox XL 3D Printer KIT is manufactured by Tuco Systems with quality standards, and is an evolution of the Prusa i3, which is the most popular 3D printer in the RepRap world started by the Czech Josef Prusa.

    Prusa Inox XL 3D Printer KIT stands out for incorporating reliable elements and for ease of assembly. For these reasons, it is one of the best Prusa kits in terms of quality and price in the market.

    It stands out for its structure with the X axis in stainless steel to eliminate problems with plastic pieces arising in other similar 3D printers. Its structure and fasteners, mostly made of stainless steel, position the Prusa Inox XL as one of the most robust Prusa currently.

    In addition, the plastic parts are ABS with acetone treatment and the linear bearings are from IGUS RJ4, which allows greater dimensional accuracy and lower noise than with the LM8UU ball bearings, and without any maintenance. It incorporates a 200x300 mm MK3 hot bed that consists of a single aluminum plate with the integrated PCB and can print directly on it. The pink rods are M5 in A4 quality stainless steel and the smooth rods are made of chromed steel.

    The Bowden type extrusion system saves weight on the X axis when installing the motor in the frame. It incorporates a Titan compact extruder, which is a multiplier extruder by gear to gain push touch. There is the possibility of manufacturing the customized 3D printer with the direct extrusion system.

    Within the policy of the manufacturer Tuco Systems of incorporating reliable elements to their 3D printers, highlights the RAMPS 1.4 SB plate manufactured in Galicia, DRV 8825 high definition drivers and the incorporation of a relay for the hot bed that isolates the plate to avoid its overheating and also helping a quick warm-up of the bed. The 3D printer incorporates an emergency button

    The 3D printer  KIT is adaptable to the needs of the user, hence it can be manufactured in both 1.75mm and 2.85mm diameter. In addition you can incorporate a case to completely close the 3D printer in both wood and methacrylate. The main function of isolating it is to print filaments that suffer alterations with drafts or that need to have a stable chamber temperature so that the warping or cracking effect does not appear.

    Tuco Systems in its vocation to allow the user the greatest possible control over the manufacture of the 3D printer allows up to the customization of the color of the parts printed in ABS of the 3D printer. A fan is incorporated in the electronics to avoid failures due to overheating and also in the control display there is an emergency stop button to completely stop the 3D printer except the layer fan, to avoid overheating the filament inside the extruder and cause jams.

    Both the firmware and the hardware of the Prusa INOX XL is 100% free. The 3D printer manual, the settings for Cura and Repetier, a demo print file and the firmware are sent on the SD card that is sent with the Prusa Inox XL 3D printer.

    Depending on the combinations chosen, the KIT of the 3D printer can be delivered with all its parts within a period of 48-72 hours.

    To assemble the 3D printer KIT it is only necessary to have an Allen key (included in the kit) and it can be assembled in 2 real hours, since most parts are already pre-assembled.

    In addition there is also the possibility of acquiring Prusa Inox XL in 3D printer format mounted for a slightly higher price. You can find the Prusa Inox XL mounted in the following link.

    • Manufacturer: Tuco Systems in Galicia (Spain).
    • Model: Prusa Inox XL KIT (Without assembling).
    • Technology: FFF / FDM
    • Print volume (X, Y, Z): 200 x 300 x 175 mm (Direct Drive) / 200 x 300 x 200 mm (Bowden Drive)
    • Dimensions of shipping box: 800x800x500 mm
    • Number of extruders: 1
    • Structural elements:
      • Prusa INOX 3mm frame. with filament support
      • ABS plastic parts with acetone treatment
      • A4 quality INOX screws
      • M5 threaded rods in A4 quality stainless steel
      • Smooth steel rods CHROME
      • Bearings (12 x Igus RJ4, 3 x 608ZZ)
      • Flexible couplings for the Z axis in aluminum (2ud)
      • Piñones (2ud), Pulleys (2ud) and GT2 belts (2 meters)
    • Electronics:
      • 5 Nema 17 motors (4800g / cm 2.5A)
      • Plate with chip AT Mega 2560 Rev.3 (compatible with Arduino)
      • Ramps 1.4 fully welded with all its pins.
      • 4 DRV7025 type drivers with heatsink
      • 3 mechanical limit switches
      • 40x40mm fan for plate
      • Layer fan
      • Hot bed (Mk3) 200 x 300 mm thermistor and knurled nuts
      • Relay 12V 25A For hot bed
      • NEW Hotend E3D LITE6 for 3mm / 1.75mm filament
      • Compact power supply 12 V 30A
      • Power cable with switch
      • LCD screen with 4 Gb SD card
      • Autolevel
    • The PRO version includes older than standard:
      • Improved 1.4 SB Ramps

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