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Although Flashforge is best known for their FDM 3D printers, it also has a line of Foto resin 3D printers, including Flashforge Foto 9.25 6K. It is a high resolution (XY 35 μm) and high precision LCD resin 3D printer with a build volume of 197 x 122 x 200 mm, a vat capacity of 0.5 l, and a printing speed of 10-50 mm/h. Since Flashforge printers are open material, Foto 9.25 6K is compatible with most 405 nm wavelength LCD 3D printing resins by various brands (material profiles).

The Foto 9.25 6K 3D printer

Image 1: The Foto 9.25 6K 3D printer. Source: Flashforge.

Foto 9.25 6K has a 9.25" industrial 6K monochrome screen, a 405 nm LED light source and adjustable layer thickness (0.025-0.2 mm). Compared to the Flashforge Foto 6.0 3D printer, the LCD screen of Foto 9.25 6K is 138 % larger. The build plate of the Foto 9.25 6K is sandblasted to increase part adhesion, and the resin vat has a capacity of 0.5 l.

The high performance Z-axis of the Foto 9.25 6K printer

Image 2: The high performance Z-axis of the Foto 9.25 6K printer. Source: Flashforge. 

As far as the printer's structure, the high quality dual linear guide rails, lead screw stepper motor and anti-backlash nuts guarantee stable and smooth motion along the high-performance Z-axis, very accurate positioning, and almost imperceptible layer lines on the 3D printed models.

Comparison of parts 3D printed with Flashforge Foto series printers of various resolutions

Image 3: Comparison of parts 3D printed with Flashforge Foto series printers of various resolutions. Source: Flashforge. 

These parameters allow for printing with more precision, more detail and more speed in comparison with other printers from the Flashforge Foto series. What's more the build volume has also been significantly improved. The Foto 9.25 6K's build volume of 197 x 122 x 200 mm (4.8 l) constitutes a 200 % build volume increase in comparison with the Flasforge Foto 6.0 printer.

Ease of use and maintenance

Equipment maintenance is something to consider when purchasing a 3D printer. In the case of Foto 9.25 6K, the 3D printer is made of high-quality materials and components and designed in such a way that its components can be replaced quickly and easily. For example, the LCD screen has a special treatment that makes it resistant to scratches and shocks and it is equipped with a cooling system developed by Flashforge. With these precautions, the probability of serious damage is reduced by approximately 80 % and its lifetime of the LCD screen is increased by 20 %.

As far as ease of use and UI, the Foto 9.25 6K LCD printer is equipped with a 3.5" touch screen as the user interface. Through that screen and with the help of the FlashDLPrint laminating software the user can control the printer and create 3D printing jobs in a quick and straightforward way. The FlashDLPrint software is Flashforge's properietary laminating software designed especially for resin 3D printing. The software ensures easy laminating with most parameters set by default. The Foto 9.25 6K printer is also compatible with the ChituBox laminating software.

The FlashDLPrint laminating software

Image 4: The FlashDLPrint laminating software. Source: Flashforge.

Due to its characteristics, this 3D printer is perfect for users with varying degrees of experience who require the printing of highly precise large parts for technical purposes or small batches of prototypes or end-use-products with incredible level of detail.

On the Flashforge website, the users can find numerous video tutorials where the installation and maintenance of the Foto 9.25 6K printer is demonstrated. In the Flashforge Download Center the manufacturer makes available various resources such as the user manual, a quick start guide, etc.

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