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CUREbox and CUREbox Plus are UV post-cure machines compatible with a wide variety of resins.

CUREbox and CUREbox Plus are robust curing machines, made of high-quality materials and with easy and intuitive handling. Thanks to their characteristics, the CUREbox curing machines allow optimal curing of parts made with resin 3D printers.

Large capacity chamber

The CUREbox has a large capacity curing chamber: 300 x 300 x 150 mm, allowing the curing of large pieces. The work surface is transparent, allowing UV rays to reach all the points of the piece, including the base.

Image 1: CUREbox. Font: WickedEngineering.

Interior with highly reflective panels

The interior of the machine is lined with highly reflective panels that achieve a degree of reflectance of more than 98%. These panels are designed to work with specific wavelengths, providing efficient and uniform curing throughout the part.

Image 2: Diagram of the composition of the reflective panels. Source: WickedEngineering.

Unlike other curing machines, CUREbox does not include a rotating base inside. Thanks to the high efficiency of the reflective panels inside, an optimal curing of the piece is achieved without the need to include this type of element.

Easy to use

Thanks to its touch screen (compatible with the use of gloves) and its presets, it's a very easy machine to use. The CUREbox has presets for the most commonly used Formlabs and NextDent brand resins.

To put it into operation, insert the part into the CUREbox, select the type of resin that has been used and press the "Run" button.

Image 3: CUREbox touch screen. Font: WickedEngineering.

CUREbox is compatible with a wide range of resins of different technologies (SLA, DLP, LCD). In case of using a resin that is not collected within the presets, the custom configuration can be used, where the time and temperature values ​​can be adjusted to adapt to the resin used in the manufacture of the piece.

UV LED lamps 365-405 nm

Unlike other curing machines, CUREbox comes standard with UV light lamps with a wavelength of 365-405 nm simultaneously. Most of the resins on the market cure with a wavelength of 405 nm; however, there are some resins and glues that require a wavelength of 365nm. Thus, the 365-405 nm LED lights make it possible to work with a multitude of resins of different technologies (SLA, DLP, LCD).

LED lights in curing machines are the most prone item to failure. Furthermore, after a CUREbox usage of approximately 1000 hours, the LED lights may not work with the intensity necessary to cure resin parts optimally. To solve this problem, two replacement modules for lamp LED UV are available.

CUREbox Plus

In this version of the CUREbox curing machine, the work surface is tempered glass, with even greater transparency and cleanliness than in the CUREbox.

In addition, the reflective panels inside are diffuse (matte). These panels offer the same degree of reflectance as in the CUREbox (more than 98%) but provide greater uniformity of cure to the piece.

Image 4: CUREbox Plus. Font: WickedEngineering.

Another modification with respect to the CUREbox is that CUREbox Plus can reach a temperature of up to 80 ºC, compared to 60 ºC that CUREbox reaches. Also, it can reach the selected temperature up to 4 times faster than CUREbox.

It's recommended that all users of a CUREbox curing machine take into account the following guidelines to ensure that the 3D printed parts maintain all the properties of the resin from which they are manufactured:

  1. Before curing the resin printed parts, it's recommended to perform an ultrasonic bath with IPA alcohol or another resin cleaning product.
  2. Then pressurized air must be applied to the piece until it's completely dry.
  3. At this time, the part can be cured to obtain the maximum material properties.

Regarding the cleaning of the CUREbox, it's recommended to use isopropyl alcohol (IPA).

ModelCUREbox y CUREbox Plus
Manufacturer WickedEngineering
Cestificates CE
Dimensions 300 x 300 x 260 mm
Weight 12.8 kg
Maximum part height 160 mm
Operating temperature 18 - 28 ºC
Maximum Cure Chamber Temperature CUREBox - 60 ºC
CUREBox Plus - 80 ºC
Ilumination LEDs 9W 365-405 nm
LED Power 9 W
LED Wavelength  365-405 nm
Input 220-240V 50/60Hz
HSCode 8477.5


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