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  • Witbox 2 - 3D printer



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    Thanks to its large base of printing can print parts with good quality.

    3D Printer bq Witbox is designed and assembled in Spain. This printer is especially recommended for use in domestic environments or in workplaces because it has a sturdy frame and an outer shell that prevents access to the moving parts during the printing process.

    Video 1: BQ Witbox 2. Source: BQ

    This 3D FDM printer has an inductive sensor that measures the distance between the extruder and the base to achieve the ideal separation for perfect prints. When the bed approaches the magnetic field of the sensor, it detects the existing separation and warns the user when that distance is ideal through a small red LED. In this simple way, accurate and rigorous leveling is achieved to achieve excellent results.

    Inductive leveling sensor

    Image 1: Inductive leveling sensor. Source: BQ

    The Witbox 2 has a new and very powerful extruder. This has a Double Drive Gear traction system that transmits an optimum grip to the filament thanks to the fact that it's two cog wheels that press the material without ever losing movement. Thanks to this, the Witbox 2 can print a greater variety of materials, such as PLA, Special PLA, wood and ceramic filaments, and even flexible materials TPE (Filafex).

    PLA BQ Witbox 2

    Image 2: PLA BQ Witbox 2. Source: BQ

    BQ in its eagerness to continue evolving its 3D printers have designed a new electronic board designed specifically for Witbox 2. This component allows a more fluid movement of the engines thanks to its advanced design and better thermal dissipation. Apart, the plate has digital potentiometers that eliminates the need for any manual adjustment. Finally, this printer includes a graphical LCD screen with better resolution and a very intuitive interface, the result of BQ's own development.

    Witbox 2 electronic
    Image 3:Witbox 2 electronic. Source: BQ

    Following the line of facilitating the use of this 3D printer, the Witbox 2 includes a new fully autonomous autoleveling system. Once the process is activated, the inductive sensor calculates the possible unevenness of the base and adjusts the movement of the motors, achieving a perfect impression even with the inclined surface.

    Video 2: Calculation of the offset. Source: BQ

    On the software necessary BQ Witbox 2 3D printer supports multiple free softwares: Slic3r ™ Cure ™, Pronterface ™ and Repetier ™

    ModelWitbox 2
    Manufacturer BQ (Spain)
    Technology FDM/FFF
    Certificates -
    Printer properties
    Print volume 210 x 297 x 200 mm
    Extruders  Double Drive Gear
    Filament diameter 1,75 mm
    Nozzle diameter available 0.4 mm
    Screen LCD Smart Controller
    Electronics Controller BQ Zum CNC
    Firmware Marlin
    Filament sensor -
    Nozzle clog sensor -
    Webcam -
    Print properties
    Positioning resolution (XY) High 50 microns
    Average 200 microns
    Low 300 microns
    Positioning resolution (Z) -
    Layer height -
    Max print speed 200 mm/s
    Max extruder temperature -
    Max base temperature -
    Max camera temperature -
    Working environment temperature 15ºC - 35ºC
    Software and conectivity
    Software Cura Software, Slic3r
    Compatible files gcode
    Conectivity Card SD, USB
    Electrical properties
    Input 12V 150W
    Output -
    Consumption -
    Dimesions and weight
    Printer dimensions 508 x 393 x 461 mm
    Printer weight ~31 kg
    Package dimensions 610 x 510 x 709 mm
    HS Code 8477.5900
    Package content Witbox 2 3D printer
    Quick Guide and Warranty
    Cold printing base
    A set of two keys
    Two side panels and one top
    USB Cable
    European power cord
    UK power cable
    Coil of filament PLA of 1,75 mm of diameter
    Metallic support for coil
    SD card 4 GB (with preloaded 3D models)
    Printed test piece
    Four support legs for the printer
    5 PTFE tubes
    Two needles for cleaning
    Metal bristle brush for cleaning
    Allen keys of 1.5, 2, 2.5 and 4 mm
    Car immobilizer for transport

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