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Filament dryer for 4 spools, with increased thermal efficiency and humidity control.

3D printing filaments tend to absorb moisture from the environment, some materials more than others. This excessive moisture absorption results in extrusion problems such as clogging and poor adhesion of the part to the printing surface, as well as numerous quality issues on the 3D printed part. Filament dryers are devices that remove excess humidity from filament by means of heat or heat and desiccant.

The results of printing without vs. with FilaDryer S4

Image 1: The results of printing without vs. with FilaDryer S4. Source: Sunlu.

The FilaDryer S4 by Sunlu has been designed to dry a wide range of materials, from PLA (also wood/marble/silk), ASA, ABS, PA, PC, PETG, HIPS or TPU. The most outstanding feature of the FilaDryer S4 is that it can fit 4 spools of 1 kg filament, and it can work with 1.75 mm, 2.85 mm and 3.00 mm diameter filaments.

Sunlu S4 allows for the simultaneous drying and printing of multiple materials

Image 2: Sunlu S4 allows for the simultaneous drying and printing of multiple materials. Source: Sunlu.

With FilaDryer S4 the dried filament can be fed directly into a 3D printer through a hole placed at the top of the device. This implies enormous time savings in the 3D printing workflow and a high quality of 3D prints. FilaDryer S4 is equipped with 8 filament holes and PTFE tubes, which enables drying many materials at once and simultaneous printing with multiple filaments.

Video 1: The features of the FilaDryer S4 filament dryer. Source: Sunlu.

A very valuable feature of FilaDryer S4 is that there is no need to guess the drying parameters since the device comes with preconfigured drying parameters for the most common materials such as PLA, ABS, PETG, PA and PC.

Temperature 45 - 50 ºC 50 - 55 ºC 60 - 70 ºC
Time 3 - 6 h
Table 1: The recommended drying temperatures. Source: Sunlu.

The recommended settings for the compatible materials are shown above. The preconfigured settings can be altered by the user and they will be remembered once the device has been switched off. 

Thermal efficiency

Thanks to a smart design and maximized interior space use, the heat dissipation is minimized and the electric-to thermal conversion efficiency of the FilaDryer S4 is significantly elevated. FilaDryer S4 is equipped with a PTC heating element and a triple-fan setup. The latter is responsible for circulating heat inside the device with a balance of ±3 ºC, ensuring that the temperature setting chosen by the user matches the real-time temperature inside the dryer at all times.

The anatomy of the FilaDryer S4

Image 3: The anatomy of the FilaDryer S4. Source: Sunlu.

This efficient design makes FilaDryer S4 about 7 times more powerful than FilaDryer S2, with a heating power of 330 W. FilaDryer can heat up from 25 ºC to 50 ºC about 50 % faster than FilaDryer S2, and about 37.5 % faster from 25 ºC to 70 ºC. This boosted thermal efficiency implies not only faster drying but also energy and time savings.

The triple fan system and PTFE tubing ensure efficient heat management

Image 4: The triple fan system and PTFE tubing ensure efficient heat management. Source: Sunlu.

FilaDryer S4 employs all the adequate safety measures to make sure that the enclosure of the dryer does not heat up excessively. Furthermore, the potential risk of spool deformations (and thus rotational disruptions) related to high temperature exposure is mitigated by adding heat-resistant PTFE tubing to the filament path. Furthermore, FilaDryer S4 is certified with the CE, FC and RoHS certifications.

Humidity management

Apart from providing the optimal heat conditions for the drying of filament, the FilaDryer S4 also controls the humidity levels within the chamber. Any humidity generated in the dryer's chamber is effectively expelled through the eight filament holes in the device's chassis.

FilaDryer S4 also controls the humidity levels in the drying chamber

Image 5: FilaDryer S4 also controls the humidity levels in the drying chamber. Source: Sunlu.

What's more, FilaDryer S4 incorporates a high-precision humidity sensor. This sensor displays real-time humidity within the dryer's chamber when drying is not in course. When the level of 50 % of humidity is reached or exceeded, FilaDryer automatically activates, preventing secondary moisture exposure.

Practical user interface

The FilaDryer S4 has a large and convenient LCD touchscreen placed on the front of the device. The touchscreen has a 1 second response and displays temperature, time, humidity, material type and countdown time. The drying temperature can be adjusted between 35-70 °C

FilaDryer S4 is easy to use thanks to the LCD touch screen and straightforward UI

Image 6: FilaDryer S4 is easy to use thanks to the LCD touch screen and straightforward UI. Source: Sunlu.

Thanks to the device's smart design, heat efficiency, humidity management, and compatibility with a wide range of materials, the Sunlu FilaDryer S4 is the perfect drying device for those who 3D print on a daily basis, especially with multiple materials at once or in a multiprinter setup, for example on a 3D printer farm. With FilaDryer S4 it is possible to maintain up to 4 spools of filament in a humidity-free environment and obtain high quality prints at all times. Inluding the FilaDryer S4 in the 3D printing workflow will ensure smooth and much quicker printing.

Before using the FilaDryer S4 device, the user should make sure that there is no water near, that the filament is tightly wound around the spool, and that the upper lid of the dryer is tightly closed. The deviced should not be touched or placed on heat-sensitive objects when in use. The FilaDryer S4 should not be opened during the drying process as it will lead to heat loss and inefficient filament drying. It is also absolutely crucial to always use the adapter delivered with the device as using any other adapter could damage the device.

Video 1: How to use the FilaDryer S4. Source: Sunlu.

The FilaDryer S4 is very easy to use. It comes with a few useful accessories and a manual, just like shown in the video provided by the manufacturer.

More tips on how to use the FilaDryer S4 can be found in the product manual in the Downloads section, as well as on the Sunlu YouTube channel.

Manufacturer Sunlu
Operating Temperature 35 - 70 ºC
Maximum Drying Time 6 h
Power Supply 100-240 V AC, 50/60 Hz 330 W
Dimensions 458 x 218 x 312 mm
Weight 4 kg
HS Code 8516.8
PrintDry Pro Contents 1 x FilaDryer S4
1 x Adapter
1 x Teflon tubes
1 x Certification
1 x Manual


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