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Replacement extruder for the Creator 3 developed to replace the original extruders.

Flashforge is known for manufacturing high quality 3D printing equipment and materials for both home and professional use.

One of the most outstanding features of the Creator 3 3D printer is its Independent Dual Extrusion (IDEX) system. Generally, this extrusion system is only found on professional or high-end 3D printers.

IDEX independent extrusion system

The IDEX (Independent dual extruder system) allows two different materials to be printed at the same time or parts to be printed in two colours. When printing parts in two materials, the print head that is not active is moved away from the part, preventing drips and unwanted marks that can affect the surface finish of the part.

Creator 3 V2 has different print modes with its IDEX system:

idex system

  • Mirror mode: 3D prints two symmetrical models at the same time, increasing work speed.
  • Duplicate mode: Prints the model simultaneously with both heads, doubling manufacturing productivity.
  • Soluble support mode: 3D prints a part with complex geometries using the final material in one extruder and soluble support material in the other.
  • Multi-material mode: Allows parts to be printed in two different materials or colours.

The Creator 3 replacement extruder is an original Flashforge component, developed to replace the original extruders of this FDM 3D printing equipment. Therefore, Flashforge offers two versions.

In this way, the user can replace the corresponding print head without having to replace its components separately or carry out complex repairs.

Flashforge print heads are compatible with Flashforge Creator 3.

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Manufacturer Flashforge
Compatibility Creator 3
Type Normal, mirror
HS Code 8477.2


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