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First 100% recycled PETG in the Taulman3D recycled range.

Taulman3D is a filament manufacturer specialised in two materials: nylon and co-polyester (PET). It has a very wide and interesting range of materials, especially for professional users in the mechanical or medical industry.

Taulman Enviro PETG filament is a non-toxic thermoplastic copolyester that can be used, for example, in the manufacture of clothing and products such as containers. Unlike PET filaments, it does not crystallise when heated, making it very tough and flexible, as well as being chemically resistant (resistant to water, acids, alkalis and alcohols) and translucent (depending on the colour). PETG is a material with high durability and a low melting point, ideal characteristics for creating resistant parts that are easy to thermoform or extrude, making it a good alternative to ABS or Nylon in some applications. 

Taulman Enviro PETG is part of taulman3D's new range of 100% recycled polymers for 3D printing. Recycling is a process that aims to convert waste into new products or raw materials for further use. Recycling prevents the waste of potentially useful materials, reduces the consumption of new raw materials, energy use, air and water pollution and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

The difference between Taulman Enviro PETG and other recycled filaments on the market is that most recycled filaments are not 100% recycled, but use small percentages of recycled plastic mixed with virgin material, and in many cases the characteristics they offer are not suitable for technical use. This manufacturer aims to promote sustainable 3D printing, without compromising the properties and quality of the material. 

Like the filament, the packaging is environmentally friendly, as Taulman Enviro PETG filaments are presented wound on 100% recycled cardboard spools.

Enviro PETG is the first fully recycled polymer in the manufacturer's line of recycled filaments, as taulman3d continues to work on new recycled filaments to help reduce plastic waste.

Impact strength (KJ/m2) 6.2
Elongation at break (%) 100
Tensile strength (MPa) 28
Tensile modulus (MPa) 2100
Flexural strength (MPa) 68
Flexural modulus (MPa) 2000
Softening temperature (ºC) 80
Flexibility Flexibility
Chemical resistance Chemical resistance
Hide color variations (Hide color variations)

To ensure optimum print quality, it is necessary to choose the right settings for each 3D printer, taking into account the printing conditions. The recommended printing temperature is between 235 and 252 °C. For proper adhesion of the material, it is recommended to use the heated bed at a temperature between 50 and 80 ºC.

Enviro PETG filament has a high adhesion to the base, as well as a very good adhesion between layers. However, for optimal adhesion, an adhesive such as Magigoo or Dimafix can be used.

General information
Manufacturer Taulman
Material Enviro PETG
Format Spool of 1 kg
Density -
Filament diameter 1.75 o 2.85 mm
Diameter tolerance ± 0.04mm (1.75 mm)
± 0.06mm (2.85 mm)
Filament length -
Colour Green, blue, white, black, black, red, orange and translucent blue (Aqua)
RAL/Pantone -
Printing properties
Printing temperature 235 - 252 ºC
Base/bed temperature 50 - 80 ºC
Chamber temperature -
Layer fan -
Recommended print speed -
Mechanical properties
Izod impact resistance 6.2 kJ/m2
Charpy impact resistance -
Elongation at break 100 %
Tensile strength 28 MPa
Tensile modulus 2100 MPa
Bending strength 68 MPa
Bending modulus 2000 MPa
Surface hardness -
Thermal properties
Softening temperature 80 ºC
Melting temperature -
Specific properties
Transparency (ASTM D1003) -
Brightness value (ASTM D1003 para 20ºC) -
Additional information
HS Code 3916.9

* The typical values listed in this table should be considered as a reference. Actual values may vary depending on the 3D printer model used, part design and printing conditions. We recommend confirming the final results and properties with your own tests. For further information please refer to the product data sheet.


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