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"Impresion 3D": 3D printing book in spanish


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Very complete, practical and visual book that covers all aspects of 3D printing.

This book by Spanish author Sergio Gómez is a very complete, practical and visual book (600 color images) that covers all aspects of 3D printing. During the reading, important aspects are found such as recommendations when designing pieces and checking the mesh before beginning a print (slicing), preparation and 3D printing (G-Code). The part of scanning or three-dimensional reconstruction of medical images (DICOM) is also explained.

The subject of the 3D printing book itself includes design advice and 3D printing, description of the most used filaments, repositories and printers online with free 3D models and home printing services. The main configurations of the molded deposition modeling (FDM) printers are also listed, as well as the most prominent brands and models.

As a completion of the learning of all the content of the book, has twelve tutorials, step by step, where the topics described are reinforced and highlights the most important aspects, from the design of a piece to the 3D printing of it.


  • Chapter 1. What is 3D printing?
  • Chapter 2. Designing 3D Models
  • Chapter 3. Scanner, lithographs
  • Chapter 4. Reconstruction of medical images
  • Chapter 5. Mesh repair and editing
  • Chapter 6. Slicers
  • Chapter 7. 3D Design Tips
  • Chapter 8. Filaments for 3D Printing
  • Chapter 9. 3D Model Repositories
  • Chapter 10. 3D Printer Models
  • Chapter 11. 3D Printing Tutorials