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Build Plate Tape for Flashforge 3D printers.

Flashforge is a manufacturer renowned for the development and production of cost-effective 3D printing equipment and materials.

In the FDM 3D printing process, problems can occur such as the dreaded warping effect, caused by material shrinkage and causing parts to warp and peel away from the print bed.

To solve this problem, Flashforge has developed a base adhesion film for some of its FDM 3D printing equipment. This bonding film is able to withstand the temperature range of the hot bed of these devices and allows direct printing of ABS, PLA, and many other materials without the need for other base bonding products.

There are different models of this product, compatible with the 3D printers Creator 3, Creator Pro, Creator Pro 2 and Guider IIS. For more information, please read the "Specifications" section.

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When using the base adhesive foil, it is possible that the 3D printed parts adhere strongly to the base. If this strong adhesion does not allow the part to be separated from the base easily, simply remove the adhesive foil itself. In this way, the part will be separated without the need for spatulas or other elements that could damage the printing base of the equipment.

Manufacturer Flashforge
Compatibility Creator Pro / Creator Pro 2
Creator 3
Guider IIS
Package contents x1 base adhesion film
HS Code 3919.9


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