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    Conditions of the promotion of coupons of discount with shipment of #PAUScam

    1. A discount coupon will be sent for the next order in a filament2print.com product in a random product for each user who receives a paus sticker and who shares their experience on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Google+) with their order. with Filament2print.
    2. Once the comment with image in the social networks has been made, our Marketing team will contact directly through the social network used to check the customer identifier and send the discount coupon to your mail for the next purchase.
    3. The amount of the coupon will be proportional to the originality of the comment and the Jury will be composed of members of the Marketing department. The main criterion of valuation will be the quality and development of the commentary.
    4. It will only be for each order that a PAUS cam has been received to obtain the discount coupon.
    5. The publication must be done within one month of receiving the order.
    6. Only publications with acceptable content will be considered. Filament2print reserves the right to leave out of the promotion opinions that, according to objective criteria, do not meet the requirements.
    7. Filament2print reserves the right to exclude from the promotion those publications that due to their content are considered inappropriate or offensive.
    8. This promotion will be valid until the end of the campaign determined by Filament2print without prior notice.
    9. The discount coupon will be sent by email to the e-mail associated with your customer account. The discount coupon will have a validity of 3 months from the issuance for that client.
    10. If at any time Filament2print detects fraudulent conduct on the part of the client, both in the publication and in the participation or in the use of the coupon, if applicable, it may render the aforementioned discount coupon invalid.