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  • Resin filter (190 microns)


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    Paper filters with a mesh of 190 microns perfect for filtering the resins.

    Every user of a Form 2 must have 190 μm paper filters to filter the resin. After an incomplete or failed impression, the resin in the tank can become contaminated with solidified residues, for which the 190 μm paper filters are necessary.

    It's advisable to filter the tank resin in the following situations:

    • When an impression fails totally or partially.
    • In the event that some solidified layer or part of resin adheres to the base of the tank.
    • If at first sight solid particles of resin are observed in the tank.

    The filtering process is very simple, you just have to pour the resin into the filter, put a container underneath and wait for all the resin to pass through the filter. In the section on tips for use, we explain the filtering process in more detail.

    For the filtering process you need:

    • Paper filter with a mesh size of 190 μm.
    • Spatula of the Finish Kit of FormLabs.
    • Opaque plastic container free of dust or other debris.
    • Optional: Support for the paper filter. Avoid possible spills.

    Set up for filtering

    Image 1: Set up for filtering. Source: FormLabs


    The steps to follow for filtering are:

    1. Place the filter in the holder or directly on the plastic container.

    2. With the gloves on, remove the wiper, place it on paper and remove the tank from Form 2.

    3. Carefully grasping the tank and always without touching the optical window, tilt the tank so that the resin slides along the channel aligned with the filter. Take care that the resin doesn't overflow the top of the filter.

    Filter the resin

    Image 2: Filter the resin. Source: FormLabs


    4. With the spatula included in the Finish Kit, carefully slide the remaining resin in the tank into the channel.

    Help yourself with the spatula

    Image 3: Help yourself with the spatula. Source: FormLabs


    5. Once the resin is cast through the filter, discard the paper filter and pour the resin back into its corresponding tank.

    Pour the resin into the tank

    Image 4: Pour the resin into the tank. Source: FormLabs
    • Model: Filtro de papel
    • Mesh: 190 µm
    • Diameter: 150 mm
    • Height: 120mm

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