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  • Heat shrink sleeve (328 pcs) View larger

    Heat shrink sleeve (328 pcs)


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    The heat shrink tube is a wrapper to isolate and strengthen mainly the electronics cables.

    The heat-shrinkable tube is a very widespread use in the field of electronics and 3D printing to isolate and strengthen mainly the electronics cables. When it is necessary to make the connection of two cables by welding of tin, the wire must not be visible, so it is necessary to isolate the environment to avoid, mainly, short circuits. The conventional solution is to use electrical tape around the area, but the best and most professional solution is to use a heat shrink sleeve.

    Heat shrink sleeve

    Image 1: Heat shrink sleeve


    The mode of use is very simple, a piece of heat shrink tubing of the correct size is inserted before welding the electric wires, once joined, the tube is placed in the desired area and heat is applied (with a heat gun, a lighter or with the own tinner) so that it contracts until it is completely attached to the electric wire. With this, apart from isolating the area perfectly, the installation time is reduced in comparison with the insulating tape. The advantage of having 8 different sizes of shrink sleeves and not a continuous tube of 1 m or more, is that it facilitates the maximum placement in the desired area without losing time in having to cut it, as for example to join the layer fan or the heater cartridge with the cables of the electronic board.

    You must choose the shrink sleeve that best suits the area you want to isolate and protect.

    • Model: Heat shrink sleeve
    • Quantity: 328 pieces
    • The package contains (diameter x length):

    1x40 mm: 120pcs

    2x40 mm: 60pcs

    3x40 mm: 32pcs

    4x40 mm: 32pcs

    6x40 mm: 32pcs

    8x80 mm: 20pcs

    10x80 mm: 16pcs

    14x80 mm: 16pcs

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