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  • G6-Impact™ Filament (HIPS-Carbon Fiber-Graphene) 1.75mm


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    G6-Impact ™ filament consists of HiPS, Carbon Fiber and Graphene for outstanding shock and vibration damping performance.

    G6-Impact ™ is an innovative 3D printing filament launched by Gaphene 3D Lab within its line of graphically functional FDM materials. G6-Impact™ filament is a composite consisting of a HiPS matrix with carbon fiber and graphene. In this way it has been possible to obtain a strong filament with a certain degree of flexibility and an exceptional performance in shock and vibration damping.

    This new material for 3D printing FDM / FFF was born to occupy a gap that has not yet been found in industrial materials such as materials with high resilience and good cushioning or shock absorption. This unique property perfectly fills the niche where instant or catastrophic failure is not an option for security reasons. In addition its damping properties expand through a wide range of temperatures (from -40 °C to + 90 °C) making it ideal for extreme conditions.

    The matrix of HiPS (Polystyrene) with Carbon Fiber and Graphene has made it possible to obtain a unique synergistic performance that extends the individual capacities of each one separately to the point of obtaining a material with an excellent vibration damping performance while maintaining the load capacity and high impact resistance.

    The impact material G6-Impact™ is highly machinable as it can be drilled, cut, polished or screwed. It is very manoeuvrable and withstands a lot of impacts and deformations under pressure in a very similar way to metals before entering an instantaneous failure state. The G6-Impact ™ filament can be used as a protective material for other materials that exhibit delamination due to vibrations, thus improving the life of the resulting part.

    With these properties the main applications for which the G6-Impact™ filament is used are the following:

    • Vibration damping and shock protection:

    Damping is the energy dissipation property of the material that reflects its ability to convert mechanical energy to thermal energy. The amount of energy dissipated is the measure of the damping capacity of the material. This ability of the G6-Impact™ is very beneficial to eliminate the noise of the structural, optical and electronic components. For example, it provides benefits on multiple everyday devices such as smartphones, cameras and laptops where interconnections can be destroyed or weakened by vibrations caused by internal moving parts or by external stress and shock. Likewise, G6-Impact ™ can be used for the stabilization of sensitive scientific instruments, optical media, microscopes and laser mounts.

    • Aeronautics, automotive, robotics and military:

    G6-Impact ™ 3D Printing Filament (HiPS, Carbon Fiber and Graphene) can reduce vibration in automotive, aerospace or drone parts and components and can be used as a base material for assemblies and cable platforms and equipment . G6-Impact ™ is also useful in industrial environments to reduce vibrations in bearings and structures. Thermoformed tiles can be used to reduce the noise and vibrations of heavy machinery, etc. It can also be used on tool handles, protective seals, mats and construction footwear.

    After adding the nano-fill of Graphene and Carbon Fiber (20%) to the matrix of HiPS (Polystyrene) have made it possible to obtain an increase in the stiffness of the compound by 300% and the impact resistance by 100% in comparison with the original HiPS polymer matrix.

    Table characteristics HIPS fiber filament Carbon and Graphene

    G6-Impact ™ filament is formulated to be printed on almost any FDM/FFF 3D printer available on the market. For optimum damping performance, it is important to follow the manufacturer's printing recommendations [See use tips tab].

    Despite containing graphene nano-fill, the G6-Impact™ 3D printer filament is not electrically conductive in contrast to the Graphene conductive Filament or the Conductive Flexible Filament TPU that they are.

    The finish of the G6-Impact ™ filaments features a matte black finish. As for the surface hardness is Shore 65-70D in printed parts and also have a higher stability against UV rays which makes it more suitable for outdoor applications.

    Each G6-Impact ™ 3D printer filament coil contains 350 grams of vacuum-packed filament with a desiccant bag. Once the coil is opened it is important not to store it in dusty or moist environments so that it does not lose its properties.

    It is advisable to use a hardened steel nozzle or Olsson Ruby since the carbon fiber is quite abrasive and wears the brass nozzles.

    In order to obtain the maximum damping performance of the G6-Impact ™ filament vibrations, it is necessary to print the objects with 100% infill. Objects printed with different fill will not have the desired performance.

    As for the recommended extrusion temperature is 230 °C (Working Range: 210 °C - 230 °C) and the recommended base bed temperature is 60 °C (Working Range: 20 °C-80 °C). On the other hand the recommended printing speed is 2400 mm/min with a feed rate of 120%.

    The nozzle for G6-Impact ™ filament printing is recommended to be at least 0.5 mm.

    G6-Impact ™ filament should be stored in a dry place away from dust and other particles. The user should avoid prolonged exposure to moisture. It is advisable to print with the G6-Impact ™ 3D printing filament before and after cleaning the extruder nozzle of the 3D printer with cleaning filament to avoid complications during printing.

    • Manufacturer: Graphene 3D Lab
    • Extruder temperature: 210-230 ° C
    • Base temperature: 20 ° C - 80 ° C
    • Recommended print speed: 2400 mm / min
    • Nozzle size: 0.5mm
    • Extrusion Multiplier: 1,2
    • Infill: 100%
    • Color: Matte black
    • Diameter: 1.75 mm (± 0.07 mm)
    • Net content: 350 grams
    • Base Resin: HiPS (High Impact Polystyrene)
    • Carbon Fiber/Graphene: 20%
    • Hardness: Shore 65-70D
    • Electrical Conductivity: No
    • Improved UV resistance
    • Outer Reel Diameter: 20 cm (7.87 inches)
    • Spool width: 5.5 cm (2.16 inches)
    • Inside Reel Diameter: 5.2 cm (2.04 inches)
    • HS Code: 3916.9
    • G6-Impact ™ filament was tested using a direct-drive printing extruder. G6-Impact ™ filament is not guaranteed to be compatible with indirect-driven 3D printers, such as Delta models. Avoid leaving the filament in a heated nozzle for an extended period of time. (When the 3D printer is inactive).
    • G6-Impact ™ filament is non-toxic if used as intended. However, users should work in well-ventilated areas, wash hands before and after use of the G6-Impact ™ material and don´t ingest or contact the eyes, food or beverages.


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