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  • BCN3D Epsilon - FDM 3D printer



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    Professional 3D FDM printer with large printing area, closed and independent double extruder.

    BCN3D Epsilon is a professional 3D FDM printer, developed to manufacture high volume parts with industrial materials for long periods of time. The professional 3D printer designation is due to its closed design that keeps the temperature inside the print chamber stable, its high print temperatures, its large print volume (420 x 300 x 400 mm) and its independient double  extruder system (IDEX).

    Impresora 3D BCN3D Epsilon

    Image 1: 3D Print BCN3D Epsilon. Source: BCN3D

    One of the first things that catches the attention of the FDM 3D printer are the two independent extruders that make up the IDEX system, which can print two different materials at the same time or make parts in two colors. This system, coupled with the robustness of the chassis of this 3D printer, allows the combination of rigid materials (PLA) with flexible materials (TPU) with an ease and amazing finish.

    The extrusion system used by Epsilon is from the famous manufacturer Bondtech. Bondtech extruders are composed of two opposite hardened steel gears mounted on a CNC machined aluminum body. This combination provides great filament traction, flowing to the nozzle without interruption and continuously, even at high print speeds.

    E3D-Online, creator of the famous nozzles and HotEnds v6, has been responsible for evolving the entire large range of HotEnd (brass nozzle: 0.40 mm, 0.60 mm, 0.80 mm and 1.00 mm) offered by BNC3D, which allows printing from small parts to large models  and abrasive materials thanks to a HotEnd with the Nozzle X of 0.60 mm diameter, ideal size to print all kinds of materials containing fibers (wood, ceramic, carbon, graphene) and materials for industrial use such as Nylon or PC. The Nozzle X is optimized thanks to its manufacturing materials, a tool steel that has been added a nickel plated to all the nozzle walls and a nano-coating inside, which increases the surface hardness and reduces the problems of jamming caused by materials containing carbon fibers or glass.

    HotEnd with Nozzle X

    Image 2: HotEnd with Nozzle X. Source: BCN3D

    The Epsilon professional 3D printer incorporates a mechanical switch to detect the presence of filaments, allowing you to avoid one of the most common and frustrating causes of error. In case the user runs out of filament during a print job, the printer will automatically stop and warn you to load a new filament to resume printing, saving you time and costs.

    Printing large parts without problems

    Image 3: Printing large parts without problems. Source: BCN3D

    One innovation presented by Epsilon versus previous BNC3D 3D printers is the Safety Pause. This new function stops the printing process every time the user opens the printer door, allowing the print status to be checked safely. Continuing with user safety, Epsilon has a HEPA filter and an active carbon filter to keep the printer's environment safe. The HEPA filter filters harmful particles and the active carbon filter takes care of harmful gases that can be produced when printing, especially when using industrial materials.

    HEPA filter and active carbon

    Image 4: HEPA filter and active carbon. Source: BCN3D

    BCN3D has equipped this printer with a connectivity system, of its own development, so that the user can easily send the print files over a WiFi network through its new online platform BCN3D Cloud. This system also allows you to update the firmware via OTA (Over The Air), which in addition to leaving the manual updates in the past, keeps the printer always with the latest firmware automatically.

    Starting printing remotely

    Image 5: Starting printing remotely. Source: BCN3D

    BCN3D has a lamination software for Epsilon, called BCN3D-Cura that is based on well-known Cura3D software with specific settings for its 3D FDM printers, giving the user great ease to take advantage of the full potential of the Epsilon.


    Image 6: BCN3D-Cura. Source: BCN3D

    The key parts of this professional 3D printer are in its aluminum housing that guarantees precision and rigidity, its enclosure, its print base capable of reaching 120 ºC, its multilingual touch screen of 5 " with advanced features, its extrusion system powered by Bondtech and complemented by a filament sensor; and its range of HotEnds developed and manufactured by E3D-Online. All this together with the large volume of printing (420 x 300 x 400 mm), make the BCN3D Epsilon a 3D FDM printer capable of making parts quickly and accurately with conventional materials (PLAABS or PTEG), technical materials (Nylon PolyMide CoPA, Nylon-Fibra Carbon CF15, XSTRAND GF30-PA6, XSTRAND GF30-PP, XSTRAND GF30-PC, etc.) or even some advanced material (PETG with Carbon Fiber, PETG with Aramida Fiber, ABS ESD, etc).

    Pieces made with BCN3D Epsilon

    Imagen 7: Pieces made with BCN3D Epsilon. Fuente: BCN3D

    The 3D printer FDM BCN3D Epsilon has a HEPA and active carbon filter to eliminate all possible odors and harmful particles that are generated during the printing of certain materials. This filter should be replaced with a new filter approximately every 6 months, depending on the printer usage and the materials used.

    Manufactured BCN3D Technologies (Spain)
    Technology FDM/FFF
    Certificates CE and FCC
    Printer properties
    Print volume 420 x 300 x 400 mm
    Extruders 2 extruders IDEX
    Filament diameter 2.85 ± 0.05 mm
    Nozzle diameter available  0.40, 0.60, 0.80 and 1.00 mm (standard)
    0.60 mm (Stainless Steel Tempered)
    Screen Color capacitive touch screen (TouchPAD)
    Electronics Single-plate computer: Toradex ARM computation
    Motion Board: BCN3D electronics with independent step-by-step drivers
    Firmware BCN3D Embedded Linux distribution
    BCN3D Sigmax - Marlin
    Filament sensor Yes
    Nozzle clog sensor No
    Autolevel Yes
    Webcam No
    Print properties
    Positioning resolution (XY) 1.25 µm
    Positioning resolution (Z) 1 µm
    Layer height 0.05 - 0.50 mm
    Max print speed -
    Max extruder temperature 300 ºC
    Max base temperature 120 ºC
    Max camera temperature -
    Working environment temperature 15 - 35 ºC
    Software y conectivity
    Software Cure-BCN3D
    Compatible files gcode
    Conectivity SD, WiFi or Ethernet
    Electrical properties
    Input AC 84-240V / AC 3.6 - 1.3 A / 50-60 Hz
    Output -
    Consumption 840 W
    Dimensions and weight
    Printer dimensions 690 x 530 x 900 mm
    Printer weight 37 kg
    Package dimensions 800 x 600 x 1185 mm
    Package weight 46 kg
    HS Code 8477.5900
    Package content 1x BCN3D Epsilon
    2x 0.40mm HotEnd
    1x Quick Start Guide
    2x Bowden tubes
    4x Flat cable clips
    2x Reels for coils
    2x Purge tabs
    1x Crystal
    1x Power cord
    1x SD
    1x USB Cable
    2x PLA coils
    1x Spatula
    3x Allen wrenches
    1x Pliers
    1x Nylon filament
    1x Magigoo
    1x Sample piece
    1x Warranty

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