Do not share your personal information will never send an email or call you by phone to ask you to disclose or verify your password account or your bank account numbers or credit card data or other personal information. If someone contact you or receive an unsolicited email that you ask any of the above data, do not answer and communicate it immediately to so we can proceed with the investigation of the incident.

 Identify fake emails (Attempted "spoofing" or "phishing")

Ignore any email you receive in which you requested personal information or redirect you to another website than, or you are prompted to pay off as it could be an attempt impersonation ('spoofing') or 'phishing' and should consider fraudulent.

Filament2print use "" endings for emails. If you receive an email in a different format, you can be sure it's a fake mail.

Some phishing emails contain links to practice web sites that use the word "filament2print" in the URL, but that will direct you to a completely different website. If you move the mouse over the link, you can view the associated URL, you will probably have a different authentic in the linked websites Filament2print format.

If still you click on an email phishing practice and you are redirected to a page that looks like "Your profile" or to anyone who asks you to verify or modify your personal information, ignore it and Consider it as fraudulent.

Attempts Report phishing

E-mail to the address attached email that you consider false. To join to this fraudulent email, you are helping us locate its source.

If you can not attach the fake email, forward it to and includes as much information as possible about it.

Protect Your Password

Passwords are case sensitive, and it is advisable that contain a minimum of six characters. If you add numbers or special characters, you allow your password harder to obtain or guess.

If you use a public computer (in libraries, internet cafés, etc.) always remember to close your session in once you're done.