Mekanika is a Belgian company founded in 2018. Their objective is to help users prototype and produce small series with the help of quality open source modular tools and machines. Mekanika’s portfolio includes the EVO, PRO and FAB CNC machines.

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Mekanika was founded in 2018 in Belgium, with the aim to make manufacturing processes more accessible to the creators in local communities. So far Mekanika’s product portfolio includes a screen printing press for the textile sector, three CNC machines (the EVO, the PRO and the FAB - each with different size and capabilities), and numerous accessories designed to make working with the Mekanika CNC machines even more efficient and safe.

All Mekanika CNC machines come with an inbuilt control box and up-to-date connectivity options, so they can be used without being plugged to a laptop or a computer. All Mekanika machines are designed and assembled in Belgium.

Mekanika believes in open source technology and collaborative learning, so there are a lot of tutorials and downloadable projects available for the EVO, PRO and FAB CNC machines. All three are built from 80% standard parts and only 20 % customized parts, which makes fixing and modifying them according to user needs and ideas very easy.

The applications of the Mekanika CNC machines are almost endless - carving and fine woodworking, branding and sign making, the making of wooden toys and custom projects, and prototyping and small production. Mekanika has already been tested and approved by several Belgian artisan businesses.