Dyze Design

Dyze Design is a renowned 3D printing component manufacturer specialised in the development of hotends, extruders and high-flow printing systems.

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Showing 1 - 16 of 16 items

Component development

Dyze Design is responsible for the development of critical components for FDM 3D printers, specialising in the manufacture of hotends and extrusion systems. These components make all the difference, directly affecting the quality of manufacture by controlling the feeding and deposition of the material correctly.

Dyze focuses on providing 3D printing solutions for professional users, who often work with technical or advanced materials. Therefore, in addition to hotends and extrusion systems, they have developed a liquid cooling accessory to improve the performance of their products when working with materials that require high printing temperatures. The Dyze Design product catalog also includes filament monitoring devices (Orthus and Sentinel), bed leveling sensors (HoriZon), and nozzles for abrasive materials.

High-flow systems

Dyze Design's portfolio of products includes its high-flow systems, Typhoon and Pulsar. Typhoon works with 2.85 mm filament, while Pulsar is a pellet extruder. Both allow professional users to work with large format 3D printers or robotic arms to produce large-scale parts with technical or advanced materials and professional quality.

Expert team

The high quality of Dyze Design's products is due to the work of the team behind the brand and the I+D work they carry out to develop each product, taking into account the needs of professional users and the requirements of the technical materials commonly used in the industry.