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  • 3D Fuel

    3D Fuel is an American company dedicated to the manufacture of filaments, which differs from other manufacturers in its commitment and dedication to the sustainability of its products, working to reduce the carbon footprint in all its processes, from the manufacture to the logistics and distribution of its filaments.

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    Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items


    One of 3DFuel's objectives is to reduce the environmental impact generated by its activity. 3DFuel works with local raw materials and controlled crops in the area. Many of its filaments are based on PLA, a biodegradable material made from corn.

    3DFuel has two manufacturing sites and sends its filaments from one or the other depending on the proximity of the recipient. This reduces the distances travelled and the carbon footprint they produce.

    C2renew Composites

    C2renew Composites is the range of filaments developed by 3DFuel in collaboration with c2renew inc; a company that develops biocomposite materials driven by the performance they offer and the ecological alternative they represent compared to other materials.

    C2renew Composites filaments include Buzzed, Wound Up, Entwined and Landfillament filaments. All of them have a PLA (polylactic acid) base accompanied by beer or coffee residues, hemp fibres and waste respectively.