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  • Spectrum Filaments

    The Spectrum Group was founded in 2015 in Poland, with the aim of offering high quality products, with competitive prices and constant availability, always focusing on customer satisfaction.

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    Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items


    Spectrum Filaments produces high quality materials that allow the user to discover the full potential and make the most of 3D FDM printing.

    The use of the highest quality raw materials and its modern production line allows to obtain the bright colours as well as to maintain the mechanical properties of each type of filament.

    Thanks to the great variety of materials and colours offered in its catalogue, the user can materialize any type of project.

    Thus, in 2017 it received the title of Reliable Brand, for the professionalism in its commercial activity and the high quality of the products and services offered. In addition, in 2018, Spectrum Filaments was chosen as the best filament manufacturer in Poland.


    The colour range of the filaments is based on the selection of raw materials, which are chosen rigorously. This selection is supported by the knowledge and experience of the brand's technicians.

    In addition, Spectrum FIlaments has more than a dozen 3D FDM printers of different models. This allows them to set the ideal printing parameters for each material and produce filaments with universal or specific applications.