PrintDry is a manufacturer of devices for drying and storing 3D printing filaments, ensuring the storage of the filament in the best possible conditions and thus improved printing results.

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Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items

PrintDry: Specialized products

In 2014, PrintDry was born with the idea of offering products to complement 3D FDM printing. In 2016, this manufacturer presented its idea of filament dryer on Kickstarter, something very necessary at that time, especially for nylon filaments, prone to absorb moisture. The PrintDry filament dryer was received so enthusiastically that at the beginning of 2017 the first units were already being shipped. Now based in Ontario (Canada) and offices in the United States and China, PrintDry develops quick and easy solutions to keep 3D printing filaments free of moisture.

Filament dryer

The PrintDry filament dryer is the star product of PrintDry, as it allows the users to easily remove moisture from filaments. Many users try to dry the filaments in a home oven, with the dangers that this entails. In addition, with the low process uniformity because home ovens are not usually able to keep the temperature stable at such low values (30-70 °C), which in some cases can cause a problem rather than a solution. For this reason Printdry solves a very common problem in 3D printing, especially for users who use technical filaments, where every small detail influences the final quality of the parts.

PrintDry also has other accessories to control the humidity in filament storage, such as its vacuum sealed filament containers or the intelligent filament container.