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  • Retouch3D

    Retouch3D is an ideal post-processing tool brand for 3D printing. Its tools are known for their versatility and allow temperatures of up to 300ºC.

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    Showing 1 - 1 of 1 item

    Retouch3D: Quality Products

    Retouch3D is a manufacturer of post-processing tools for 3D printing, formed by experienced professionals in patents and specialized in different areas of 3D printing. All products are manufactured with high quality control.

    Retouch3D post-processing tool

    Their Retouch3D post-processing tool is mainly intended to eliminate printing anomalies and excess unwanted material thanks to the wide working temperature range of the tool (100 - 300 ºC), its 5 interchangeable tips and its ergonomic handle.

    In addition, the Retouch3D presents an improvement in the practicality of its use, thanks to its ergonomic grip and to have a direct connection to the electric current, thanks to a power supply, solving the need to have a USB connection, as It is needed for other tools of this type.