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  • Magigoo

    Magigoo is a brand of adhesives for the base of specialized 3D printers to avoid the dreaded warping effect of the most complex printing materials.

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      Magigoo is the new generation of components for adhesion to the 3D printing base. Magigoo is the new generation of components for adhesion to the 3D printing base.

    Showing 1 - 1 of 1 item

    Magigoo: Quality and innovation

    Magigoo is a manufacturer of adhesives for the FDM 3D printer base that developed one of the first adhesives that was not in spray format. Founded in 2014 in Malta by a group of professionals in the field of technology, materials and 3D printing, Magigoo currently has a wide range of adhesives that facilitate 3D printing.

    The Magigoo Original is a liquid toilet adhesive contained in a rod-shaped container with an applicator on the tip, which facilitates its use. The magic of Magigoo begins once the base reaches a certain temperature (40ºC for PLA or 90ºC for ABS), this product adheres the piece to the base with such force that it could be “printed with the 3D printer upside down”. Under normal conditions the duration of adhesion is very long, with impressions of more than 30 hours without problems, avoiding even the warping effect. Once the base has cooled, the piece is easily removed.

    The perfect solution for the warping effect

    The action of Magigoo products does not end with the Original Magigoo, but there is a special adhesive for each filament, in particular for those that are prone to peel off the base during printing due to material contraction due to temperature changes (effect warping)

    Among its special adhesives are: Magigoo PP (designed to be used exclusively with Polypropylene filaments), Magigoo PPGF (adhesive specifically developed for Polypropylene with Fiberglass), Magigoo PC (ensures the adhesion of the polycarbonate filaments  to the base during printing) and Magigoo PA (specifically designed to be used with filaments with a nylon base).