AprintaPro is a manufacturer of products for the maintenance of 3D FDM printers and to improve the adhesion of the filament to the base. All of its products are tested on the best known 3D printers to offer the best possible experience.

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Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items

AprintaPro: Everything you need to keep the 3D printer ready

AprintaPro is a manufacturer of products for the maintenance of FDM 3D printers with headquarters in Austria. From there, the AprintaPro technical team develops and tests new products necessary to meet the new needs that arise with the evolution of 3D printing technology.

One of its star products is PrintaClean, an ideal product to clean any area of ​​the 3D printer, especially to remove all the fixing spray that is used on the printing base.


PrintaGlue is a perfect universal glue for working with a wide variety of 3D printing materials.

On certain occasions, users are limited by the manufacturing size of their 3D printers, forcing this to create pieces in several pieces and then join them together. But when it comes to joining several parts, there is great doubt about what type of glue to use. With PrintaGlue all these problems have been eliminated thanks to the strength, quality and durability of the joint that it provides, being even valid with flexible materials such as TPE or TPU.