The Olsson Ruby

Olsson Ruby is a brand that specializes in high quality nozzles and nozzle-related accessories. This brand is most famous for the Olsson ruby tip nozzle ideal for using filaments that are alloyed with fibers or other abrasive particles that quickly wear brass nozzles and even some hardened steel nozzles.

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Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items

The beginnings

Olsson Ruby is a nozzles brand born from the need to develop a really tough nozzle. Anders Olsson, a research engineer at Uppsala University who worked on experiments with neutron particles, encountered the problem of total nozzle wear in a few hours while trying to print his boron carbide filament with an Ultimaker. To solve this, he designed a new heater block, which allowed to exchange only the nozzle. The need to change the nozzle in the middle of the print persisted so in 2017, after a year of R&D, Olsson launched the famous Olsson Ruby nozzle with a brass body and ruby tip. Apart from this nozzle, Olsson Ruby also offers high quality stainless steel nozzles and brass nozzles, and various nozzle tools.

The Olsson Ruby nozzle

The Olsson Ruby Standard nozzle is ideal for printing any type of filament, from conventional to the most abrasive. The ruby tip offers infinitely superior wear resistance to brass and hardened steel nozzles. Thanks to being made of a brass piece, the Olsson Ruby nozzle has excellent thermal conductivity resulting in a smooth extrusion and 3D printed models with a high quality surface finish.

Print high temperature materials

The Olsson Ruby High Temp is a nozzle that can reach a printing temperature of 500 °C continuously thanks to being composed of the famous ruby tip and an alloy body of copper and hardened steel. The interior of the nozzle is coated with chromium nitride (an anti-stick coating used in the plastic extrusion industry) in order to obtain smoother and smoother prints without jamming. All these advanced properties result in a nozzle capable of printing without problems advanced materials such as PEKK, PEKK CF, PEI (Ultem 1010) or PEI CF.