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    Industrial or professional 3D printers offer high precision, robustness and reliability. In addition, most industrial 3D printers often have developed their own custom software.

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    3D FDM printers for industrial or professional environments

    The main difference between an industrial 3D printer and a desktop computer is the robustness and reliability provided by the first, the maximum repetition of processes and impressions. This aspect is very important at the industrial level, since it looks for the maximum standardization of the processes and the decrease of the correct maintenance (something very common in the 3D desktop printers).

    When analyzing and comparing the cost of an industrial 3D printer in front of an office the necessary time for calibrations, adjustments, correct maintenance must be considered... which will be a key factor when making the decision of the additive manufacturing equipment to buy , especially in industrial environments under the just-in-time manufacturing philosophy.

    Why choose an industrial 3D printer?

    With an industrial printer it is possible to print the large volume parts and the limitations of the terms of the materials, the extrusion and base technologies, and the reduction of the common problems of warping and cracking. We also have liquid cooling, which allows a great control over the temperature of the extruder.

    In addition, having custom software simplifies the printing process and reduces the chances of common mistakes. Do not forget the legislative part, since they have the corresponding certificates to be able to operate in industrial environments.