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    BQ is an international manufacturer of technology products that also have a division of 3D FDM printers. Their products show its desire to develop and manufacture products, controlling hardware, software and design at all times. Their first 3D printer, BQ Witbox, was very well received by the world of 3D printing and a bestseller.

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    Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items

    BQ: High level experience

    BQ is a Spanish company that was born in 2010 as an evolution of other successful projects. Since that date they have developed highly successful technological products, including 3D printers. BQ seeks to offer its customers a safe, quality technology, committed to education and easy to use. All this is complemented by a qualified and fast technical service, something really essential for the tranquility of all users.


    The Witbox series of printers are 3D FDM printers developed and assembled in Spain with high quality control. The end of Witbox 2 and Witbox Go! is to offer each user the possibility of making parts in the simplest way possible.

    Witbox Go! is the perfect 3D printer for users who start in the world of 3D printing, since it is a simple machine to use, compact, lightweight (5 kg) and with a design that integrates in any home or office environment. It has a system of configuration and leveling that in just 15 minutes and with the help of a mobile or a tablet the 3D printer is ready to print the first piece.

    The Witbox 2 3D printer is especially recommended for use both in domestic environments and in professional spaces, because it has a robust structure and an outer casing that prevents access to moving parts during the printing process. This makes it one of the safest 3D printers on the market. To this we must add a series of components and actions programs that facilitate the maximum use of this 3D FDM printer.