Tumaker is an industrial FDM 3D printer manufacturer that offers a solution to every need or application. Its products are reliable, robust and with an ideal aesthetic to integrate into any job. Within its catalog you can find both desktop 3D printers and high-volume industrial printers.

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Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items

Tumaker: High quality products

Tumaker is a 3D printer manufacturer that was born in 2012, when a group of young people who belonged to the same I+D department began to develop 3D FDM printers, designing, developing, manufacturing and distributing their products themselves, with first-rate attention Person to all your customers.

Tumaker developed the well-known Voladora NX and BigFoot, two FDM 3D printers of great potential and capable of printing without problems a great variety of materials. Another section that makes Tumaker a leading company in the sector is its connectivity system: Tumaker Printernet. This system allows the creation of a distributed, private and secure manufacturing network on the internet.

Wide variety of 3D printers

Its range of 3D printers has products that suit all types of users, both professional and domestic.

Voladd is a 3D printer for home use, technical offices and environments where you want to make simple parts as easily as possible. Voladora NX is the next level presented by Tumaker, capable of printing the vast majority of existing materials for 3D printing with incredible surface quality. BigFoot is the largest printer with the highest printing properties, which adapt perfectly to any industrial work area.

Industrial solutions

Tumaker seeks to take advantage of all the benefits that its technology provides to help all possible users of a 3D printer, and can even adapt its products to any industrial process. This offers any holder of one of their printers freedom and autonomy when creating, manufacturing faster and saving on production costs.